State Representative Al Green of Houston talks about the damage done by Hurricane Harvey.

“What you see on tv is a good rendition. But to see it up close is moving and shocking. It’s very difficult to be graphic enough to get people to understand,” explained Green.

Sybil asked if the state representative had heard from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). He replied, “we have been working with our point of contact, FEMA as well as the governor’s office. It’s a conservative effort.”

However, Green stressed how important the,” need to understand that the federal government has to have a role in restoring lives.”

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2 thoughts on “State Rep. Of Houston Says, ‘It’s A Different Kind Of Katrina’

  1. He said he would hope the fed govt. would help in restoring lives. Good luck with that. Ask how much help the Katrina victims got 15 yrs later. I read the majority of those victims receive an average of $50, and they just received that.

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