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The Florida white woman who went viral this week for beating another white woman’s ass in an apartment lobby is being called a hero after details of the beatdown’s origin were revealed.

Before the start of the video, which made the social media rounds on Wednesday (Aug. 24), the woman in the blue dress apparently said something racist about Haitians to Colleen Dagg, who was seated at the time. As the video shows, ol’ Blue Dress got in Dagg’s face in a taunting manner and shoved her.

You saw what came next.

Dagg took to social media to explain why she had to throw down.

“Fighting racism is dependent on using my white privilege for the right reasons,” she said in a note that she tweeted on Thursday.

Read in full below:

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18 thoughts on “One Woman Uses Her White Privilege To Fight Racism [Video]

  1. This means YOU, personally, really should weight your words SERIOUSLY o c n, and I strongly advice you to delete this written defamation a q h x of both characters and a huge group of people who do not take slander and character assassination like this easily i f k l s. I do not know which organization you have got to back you up, but if you do not care about lawsuits in the multi-million dollar range, fine, just keep on what you are doing n d g g v. If you DO care about spending x-amounts of money to try and defend this CLEARLY written libel, then take my DELETE-advice. Your “Post” is now officially taken both copies and screen-shots of and digitally stored for later use and evidence. This is just a warning. We are antifa, we do not forget.

    • If you knew how stupid you sound in defending this dimwit, you’d retract your statement. Who condones someone looking up at the sun? As a matter of fact, what individual in their right mind would ACTUALLY stare at the sun? I know, I know…#45 did. I rest my case. Pass me on that shit about the plantation.
      Again, always regurgitating bullshit that has no validity. By the way, I’m a grown ass woman. My “mommy” as you call her has been dead for over 20+ years. Never needed her to read me anything. I was taught to think and do for myself at a very early age. Graduated college, did my time in the military/veteran, work for the fed gov, so go talk that dumb shit to someone else you big dummy!!!

  2. She wants to run and use her “3-month pregnancy” for the reason Dagg should be arrested. Something like the lil’ white boy in VA last weekend when he got lost from his group of “badd-a$$” white boys and took his shirt off so no one would know that he was a part of that crowd. He ’bout pooped in his pants when he realized he was by himself. That’s what they all are – – a bunch of spineless, wimpy jellyfish. Here, she got exactly what she deserved. I’m still laughing……

  3. Funniest video I’ve seen since Monday, when #45 looked up at the sun without the special glasses. Damn! He’s too stupid to follow simple directions. What a Goober! #45, Jhuff, fake doctor, You all are the Bamas of the Week, week, week!!!!!

  4. Again, Jhuff deflects. He doesn’t see anything wrong with that fat ass heifer putting her stank ass breath in Dagg’s face. See how he deflects talking about a racist black man or some other pregnant hoochie mama (referring to his white women). He got nothing but deflection. Not even intelligent enough to keep up with the conversation without jumping all around the board. She got the ultimate beat-down, then wants to yell “she’s pregnant”. Bitch should have remembered that when her mouth wrote that check that her ass couldn’t cash.

    • Ha you are confused get your mommy to read to you my earlier post in which I stated I agreed with what happened in the video, unlike you and the ANTIFA crowed I have no problem with a beat down of someone who gets in ones face

    • specialt757 on said:

      “Again, Jhuff deflects” Yes, and aren’t you surprised that he didn’t blame Hillary or his man-crush President Obama somehow? In his little pee-size mind, they are to blame for everything even #45 being a terrible president.

  5. The real laughter will come when a racist black man uses his “black privilege” and beats Colleen Dagg’s ass and steals her purse

  6. specialt757 on said:

    Wait, I had to see it again, look at the dude in the black suit, he didn’t even try to break up the fight until the other dude came around the corner. He probably was laughing his ass off lol.

  7. Well we know who Colleen Dagg is not married to, ah that would be jhuf, mac ben, fake dr., Joe Gonzales, other troll dogs that visit this site daily. But the triflin mutt in the blue dress is their half-sister.
    She stood against something these triflin brothas will never, RACISM.

    • Well I’m certainly glad you’re ok with it as I am cause now when the video of some racist under age pregnant hoochy mama gets body slammed for acting like a (you know what) you’ll be understand

      • specialt757 on said:

        The racist under age pregnant hoocy mama will probably be white, and no I won’t mind if a racist gets her ass kicked.

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