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If you ever found yourself wondering how come you never see Olympic champion Simone Biles with her very own boyfriend, there was a reason for that. She didn’t have one. Ever. At least officially!

Well, now that apparently problem is history ’cause the lil’ lady has found her dude and his name is Stacey Irvin.

It was Sunday that Ms. Biles shared a loving snap as she embraced fellow gymnast Ervin, 23, on a balcony.

“Always smiling with you,” Biles, 20, wrote on Instagram, tagging Ervin in the shot.

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always smiling with you

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Ervin also headed to social media as well to show his affection for his new girlfriend’s induction into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

“Words cannot express how incredibly proud I am of you, all you’ve accomplished & how well you carry yourself. You make me feel like I am the luckiest man alive. Congratulation on your induction to the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame!” Ervin wrote. “I can’t wait to see what the future has in store.”

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10 thoughts on “Simone Biles Got A Boyfriend: See Their Cute Pics!

  1. specialt757 on said:

    “thehalfrican” Ummm that’s pretty weird, but whatever, I hope lil Miss Biles is as happy as she looks, that’s all that matters, her happiness.

  2. Joe Gonzales on said:

    Great stuff.Rare to see Black couples.Most Brothers are so into Shite women,and when things go badly they cry racism and want to be Black again.

    • With your comment that is why this country can’t move on racism will never go away with people like you spewing such hate. Love conquers all why not show a little?

      • Joe Gonzales on said:

        what f****** racist comment are you referring to? Are you ashamed of being black you idiot? I think it’s wonderful to see black couples together you must be one of those people that is a white woman that is breeding with a black man I have no use for you. I am proud to see a black man and a black woman together and that’s the way I have in my family and my children have married black women and I’m so proud of it and I’m proud of my grandchildren that I black not a bunch of chocolate milk babies. If you don’t like it take a hike and give up your black card you are traitor to the race

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