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O.J Simpson was granted parole on July 20 and is set for release from prison in October. Already Hollywood is calling for him to play himself in an upcoming movie about his crimes.

According to reports, author Tom Riccio wants Simpson to star in a TV movie version of his book “Busted,” about O.J’s 2008 Las Vegas robbery and conviction. Riccio was one of the memorabilia dealers involved in this case, and he also claims that The Juice even signed his book.

“I have no issues with O.J, and if he wants to take the lead role, then that’d be fine. Let’s face it; he has the greatest insight into that character – given that it was him – and could bring different dramatic real life takes to the project. People believe that he and I are enemies because I was a witness at the trial. But in my opinion, I never disagreed with anything he said in his defense at the trial. He has always said that I wasn’t responsible for planning the robbery, and it was all him,” Riccio stated.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors that once Simpson is released from jail, he might do a reality TV show.

Will you watch it?

As you know, Simpson was acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman back in 1995. The Goldman family recently expressed disappointment about him being granted parole, according to Celebrity Insider.

In related news, a Los Angeles gallery has announced plans for a Simpson-themed temporary museum that will be showcased next month.

USA Today reports that “Chinatown’s Coagula Curatorial Gallery will host an “O.J. Simpson Museum” takeover Aug. 18-Aug. 22., featuring 300 items, many of which date back to Simpson’s murder trial.”

“The exhibit will feature relics from the 1995 court case, O.J. board games, an O.J. library, sports memorabilia, interactive elements and a gift shop. A 1994 Ford Bronco — not the original Bronco — will also be on display.”

The O.J. exhibit will be curated by Adam Papagan, the creator of The O.J. Tour.

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