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Just when you think James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) is gradually crawling out from under one mess, he somehow always finds himself right back in the midst of another one – with lies, drugs and Tommy always involved.

The good news is Ghost is finally off the hook for the murder of Agent Greg Knox (Andy Bean) The newly suspended prosecution team, AUSA Angela Valdez, (Lela Loren) along with Agent Saxe (Shane Johnson) and Agent Donovan (Ty Jones), all put their heads together to come up with a brilliant plan to set up Mike Sandoval (David Fumero) and have him confess to being the mole and killer of Agent Knox. Though Valdez has access to the surveillance video showing Donovan walking up the stairs the day Truth was searched, they don’t feel it’s enough evidence to present to John Mak (Sung Kang) to have Sandoval officially charged.

So, they decide to have Saxe reveal the evidence they do have to Sandoval while also telling him Valdez’s plans to go to Mak with the info – a plan to get him to react and he falls for it. A sting operation is set up and Sandoval heads over to Valdez’s apartment with a gun. Valdez shows him the evidence she has against him and speculates the details of what happened that night Agent Knox was killed. Sandoval confesses to all of it and says he did it because Lobos (Enrique Murciano) threatened to harm his daughter. It’s all caught on the recording and Sandoval is arrested.

Once in custody, Sandoval plays his last trick by telling Mak he will give up all the information he has on Lobos and everyone else involved if he is given immunity. He says if Mak doesn’t agree to his terms he will release a statement putting all of his prior cases in jeopardy of being overturned. Mak recognizes that would end his career and agrees to put Sandoval in witness protection. But if Sandoval starts talking there’s no telling who he’ll implicate and this creates another problem for Ghost and Tommy (Joseph Sikora).

Tommy’s got enough problems. His demands of the Jimenez (top distributors)  to compensate for Julio’s (J.R. Ramirez) murder has still gone unanswered. Their failure to respond has Tommy up in arms and ready to go to war. No one wants a war so Dre (Rotimi Akinosho) tells Ghost who confronts Tommy about it and then finds himself back in the drug negotiations. Makes sense since Ghost has always been the smooth-talking one while Tommy is the goon.

They arrange a meeting with the Jiminez. Ghost lets them know if they don’t agree to Tommy’s demands, they’ll let it be known in the streets who really killed Lobos – a murder that the Jimenez organization have been taking credit for but didn’t really commit. Ghost gives them a one-day deadline to consider.

Tommy finds out that Tony Teresi (William Sadler) really IS the father. He goes to his mother, Kate (Patricia Kalembar) to ask questions about his father but, she tells him the same story she’s been telling him for years – that his father is dead. Of course Kate denies it but, Tommy still has his suspicions which leads him to Teresi’s home.

Connie (Mercedes Ruehl), Teresi’s wife, has just as many questions for Tommy as he has for her when he pops up at the house. She’s asking about his mother and he’s asking about Teresi. She wants to know where Tommy grew up and he wants to see photographs of Teresi from back in the day. When Connie goes into the kitchen to get him a glass of whiskey, Tommy shuffles through some photo albums and finds just what he’s looking for – a photo of Teresi and him when he was a baby. He goes back to Kate and she admits Teresi’s the father.

Even though Tommy just found out that Teresi is his biological father, it doesn’t take him long to start asking for favors. Tommy calls Teresi and just like that – R.I.P. Sandoval. Like father, like son. But although its Tommy that orders the hit, Angela sets it up. Yup, she tells Silver (Brandon Michael Dixon) exactly where Sandoval’s going to be and Silver tells his client – Ghost.

Meanwhile, Dre is trying to be a baby Ghost and the next biggest drug dealer in New York City. He’s a lying, smooth talking criminal, just like Ghost, and tries his best to stay two steps ahead of both Tommy and Ghost. It seems to be working for him. Somehow, he’s has managed to involve himself in the real estate development deal between Ghost and Councilman Rashad Tate (Larenz Tate) who are planning to open a community center for the youth in the Queens area where both Dre and Ghost grew up. Tate’s main concern in opening the center is that its location is where all of the drug sales are going on courtesy of the Torros Locos.

Unbeknownst to Ghost, Dre plays a huge part in the solution to Tate’s problem. Though Tommy and Ghost went to the Jiminez with their deal, it’s Dre’s counter offer that provokes them into actually doing it. Once again, Dre goes behind Tommy’s back and offers to give the Jiminez Tommy’s entire organization, which he’s basically running as the new distro.

Because of his involvement in Truth, he has an in to Stern (Victor Garber’s)  global nightclubs that would give them a profitable place to sell their product. They agree to the terms and get the Torros Locos off the corners. The only thing is, Ghost and Tommy believe it was their doing that made it all possible. Can’t wait to see how this turns out for Dre when the sh-t hits the fan.

Another character that could be catching dust real soon is  Proctor (Jerry Ferrera). When Ghost tells him that he saw the conversation he had with Mak outside his apartment, he assures Ghost that he has nothing to worry about. He tells him that Mak was just fishing for information on the disappearance of Bailey Markham (Lee Tergesen) but he gave up nothing.

He assures Ghost that they are still in this together and there’s no trace of Markham’s body or the laptop that held the recordings that incriminate Ghost and Tommy. He says he got rid of it but he lied. Markham’s body may be gone but that laptop is sitting in a safe deposit box somewhere in the city that only Proctor knows of.

Tariq (Michael Rainey, Jr.) remains on a slippery slope trying to toggle between the good angel and bad demon that rests upon his shoulders. He’s hooked back up with some of Kanan’s (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) crew to rob more houses. He poses as the good kid, going door to door in an upscale neighborhood, trying to “raise money for his swim team.” Once a homeowner lets him inside the house, “Brains” (Jermel Howard) and his friend rush into the house with ski masks on to rob the place. Tariq is cool with the robbery but, his conscience gets the best of him when it comes to rape, which is what was about to happen to the poor woman whose home they rob.

Once Tariq sees the woman about to be raped he yells out Brains’ name to get them to stop and all hell breaks loose. The woman is shot and killed and Tariq takes off running. Brains calls repeatedly and sends text messages to Tariq’s phone but, he’s not answering. Poor baby – he’s not about this life. Now, like his sister, he wants to go to boarding school – far away from his problems in NYC. Hopefully, something turns around for him soon before it’s too late.

KILL LIST: 1. Dre 2.Proctor 3.Tariq

QUOTABLE: “I want to be the biggest gotdamn drug dealer in New York City and I can’t do that working for Tommy.”


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