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According to a media report, a serious medical emergency went down while Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta was taping.

The emergency involved Gregg Leakes, the fastidious husband of “RHOA” star, NeNe Leakes. He apparently suffered a stroke.

“Gregg had what his doctors believe was a stroke,” a production insider told RadarOnline. “The RHOA cameras filmed the entire ordeal for the show — including his visit to the emergency room and the aftermath. Gregg’s health serves as a major storyline for Nene on season 10.”

If you’re thinking that “RHOA” taping what should be private, think again. This is a REALITY-TV show, remember?

And even though a rep for the show denied that the incident happened,  Nene spoke to RadarOnline about her husband’s health.

“My husband Gregg, as you guys know, he’s my everything. We have been together for 20 years,” she said. “We’re dealing with a little bit of a health issue right now, but prayers are going up and fingers are crossed that he’s going to be just fine.”

Despite these reports, Nene, on her Instagram, said that although Gregg did go to the hospital, it wasn’t for anything serious and that the couple went out to celebrate Cynthia Bailey’s birthday the next night.


So there you have it.

Meanwhile, another RHOA cast member, Kim Zolciak, took to Instagram recently to speak on her stroke and the signs to look for.

“Thank you @briellebiermann for sending me this! I wanted to share it with you! As you know I had a stroke in Sept 2015 and when Brielle called Kroy to tell him something wasn’t “right” with me I remember him yelling, “Brielle get her in the car NOW and take her to the hospital fast every minute count!” It’s TRUE!

And Im so thankful for everyone’s quick thinking. I’ve never seen doctors/nurses move as fast as they did the second I was wheeled in. I’m so thankful for my medical team. I have almost fully recovered (sometimes my tongue slips when I speak, and sometimes I have the word on the tip of my tongue but it just doesnt come out) but I feel great!! I had my stroke at 37!! It can happen to anyone at any age!! When in doubt please always check it out!!”

We wish Gregg Leakes all the best and a speedy recovery.

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