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A second trans woman has come forward alleging a hookup with R&B singer Bobby V…and she has receipts.

Shauna Brooks, who has previously been linked to Chris Brown, Tyga and Nick Young, has entered the conversation with a screenshot of her push notifications dated Feb. 3, showing a missed call and an Instagram like allegedly from V.


In the caption, she suggests they link up to explore future business opportunities, since “we run in the SAME circles NOW.”

Regarding viral video footage allegedly showing Bobby skipping out on paying a transgender prostitute, the singer denies the allegations and swears he’s being extorted.

His reps told TMZ that the person caught on camera with Bobby V was not a prostitute and that the video was recorded in order to extort money from him because of his celebrity status.

His team also declares that Bobby V had no idea the woman on the video was transgender.

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16 thoughts on “Second Trans Women Allegedly Exposes Bobby V With A Phone Log

  1. African American Woman on said:

    You guys should look at the commentary board on in regard to Lil’ Duval (yeah, I never heard of him before either) to not wanting to date a trans woman and how mad he would be if he got tricked into an intimate situation with one…I agree with him…a heterosexual person has the right to date only exclusively heterosexual others. Do you know some of those posters are calling him a closet homo because he don’t want to screw no woman who was born a man…that is nutts (literally, 😉 😉

    • specialt757 on said:

      Yeah lil duval was on the breakfast club with Charlamaine the god, DJ Envy and Angela Ye when he did this interview. He got a lot of backlash for saying how he felt. He didn’t say he “would kill a transgender” who tricked him, he said he would feel like killing it. I know a lot of men who would feel the same way and some have actually acted on it (I don’t know any of them personally). It’s only going to get worse if they keep deceiving people.
      It’s just too much going on in this world today I can’t wait until I no longer have to deal with it.

  2. RENO2AC on said:

    I have seen a milliion guys like this during my “heyday” hanging out in Atlanta with my gay cousin and one of my gay besties back in the mid 80s and 90s.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Yeah cuz, this stuff is nothing new, it’s just “accepted” by some more than others now. When I was about 10 y.o. or so, we have one who lived a couple of buildings down from us. This dude was f-n hilarious, gayer than a jay bird (whatever that means) and flamboyant and weird at the same time. He wasn’t a bad person, he was actually very nice, but there was no mistaken, he was a man. Now-a-days though, you cannot tell one from a real woman, until they talk and some not even then.

  3. Sounds like Valentino is a down low bro.
    Why deny or attempt to hide who and what you are?
    What is done in the dark-always comes to the light!!!!!!
    Which is why he is now being EXPOSED!!!!!!!!!!!

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