Roland Martin: Black People Have A Lot To Lose Under Trump


During the election, Black people were asked what do they have to lose under the Trump administration and the answer is a whole lot according to Roland Martin.

Today Roland talks with Barbra Arnwine who is the President and founder of the Transformative Justice Coalition, about the Trump administration taking resources from white supremacist groups to gut affirmative action programs in universities.

Apparently, white students are having a hard time getting into universities. The Supreme Court case Fischer v.s. The University did not rule in favor of the white student who didn’t get accepted to the school.

After losing in the Supreme Court with Fischer v.s. The University of Texas the administration has now, “decided that they are going to use this concept that will avoid their own educational opportunities and instead create a special group [sing resources from white supremacist groups]. Hoping that the schools will become so scared that they’ll stop affirmative action”, explains Arnwine.

It’s easy for them to blame the person of color which according to Arwine, “is nothing but a dangerous distraction because the progress of black people is so important.


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5 thoughts on “Roland Martin: Black People Have A Lot To Lose Under Trump

  1. Imogene Weston on said:

    Trump is punishing Black America for America having a black President. He can’t get over a black man being in the WH. The want to desuade blacks from dreaming of that feat again.

  2. The Idiot-in Chief along with his minions plan on turning back the clock in this country.

    It will be more difficult for folks of color to Vote in 2020 due to the purging of voting records going on across Amerykah.

    That turd Sessions plans on getting rid of Affirmative Action and filing lawsuits based on reverse discrimination against whites.

    Sessions also will give the PIGS carte blanche do wreck havoc on communities and people
    of color-with more police brutality and cop killings of innocent folks.

    Yes, this administration will have a NEGATIVE effect on the African Americans-
    and poor white trash!!!!!!!

  3. Joe Gonzales on said:

    Dear Roland Martin,

    Where the hell have you been the past 500 years?
    No matter who has been president black people have always have been at the back of the bus. All what you are saying is nothing new. Even under President Obama President Clinton President Reagan President Bush President Carter president Trump we all have been sitting at the back of the bus. The only people a group of people that have managed to benefit from affirmative action has been the lgbtq community under Obama. The other group that comes to mind are white women. So what’s your point Rowland? The only way black folks are going to get ahead is by working and helping each other. We must learn to love to being black people. Wii are used by other so-called minority groups to fight on their behalf we take the beatings by the police we get thrown in jail like we are now and like we were under Obama we got killed as well nothing changed. So maybe a few elitist black people that I am bedded into the White Society fabric have something to lose. The rest of Black America is suffering.

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