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During the election, Black people were asked what do they have to lose under the Trump administration and the answer is a whole lot according to Roland Martin.

Today Roland talks with Barbra Arnwine who is the President and founder of the Transformative Justice Coalition, about the Trump administration taking resources from white supremacist groups to gut affirmative action programs in universities.

Apparently, white students are having a hard time getting into universities. The Supreme Court case Fischer v.s. The University did not rule in favor of the white student who didn’t get accepted to the school.

After losing in the Supreme Court with Fischer v.s. The University of Texas the administration has now, “decided that they are going to use this concept that will avoid their own educational opportunities and instead create a special group [sing resources from white supremacist groups]. Hoping that the schools will become so scared that they’ll stop affirmative action”, explains Arnwine.

It’s easy for them to blame the person of color which according to Arwine, “is nothing but a dangerous distraction because the progress of black people is so important.


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