INSIDE HER STORY: R. Kelly’s Sex Cult History


Jim DeRogatis is a music journalist who has followed R. Kelly’s career including his lawsuits over the years since 2000. It has come out recently that R.Kelly allegedly has been holding women captive in his houses. According to DeRogatis these women, “are being mentally and physically abused”.

DeRogatis explains that this incident and similar ones that R.Kelly has been involved with have a lot to do with the music industry enabling his actions by still allowing him to perform.

Two women who broke away from R. Kelly’s houses have called it a cult. Saying that they aren’t allowed to make contact with their friends and families unless R.Kelly has given them permission to do so.

At the end of the day, “These are daughters, these are family people who are in desperate need and the police are not helping them.” ,says DeRogatis.

R. Kelly has now hired a crisis team and cancelled all of his show dates because of falling ticket sales.

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2 thoughts on “INSIDE HER STORY: R. Kelly’s Sex Cult History

  1. Christina Massey on said:

    Smdh. It says he has cancelled all of his shows but he’s suppose to perform Saturday in Mt. Pleasant Casino.

  2. It’s about time that the African American community stopped giving Mr. Pied Piper a free pass and continuously enabling him.

    Good that ticket sales were not as he expected and he had to cancel some of his shows!!!!!!!!

    Now some of these parents need to step up and file STATUTORY RAPE/KIDNAPPING/

    R. KELLY needs to be somebody’s b–ch in JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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