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On the heels of her guest role on Fox’s EmpireNia Long has booked a series regular spot opposite LL Cool J on Season 9 of CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles.

The actress will play Shay Mosely, the team’s new executive assistant director. The character is a former Secret Service agent and an experienced Washington insider.

“The character was created specifically for Nia to capitalize on her strengths and personality, and we are excited about the new opportunities and dynamics she brings to the show,” said executive producer R. Scott Gemmill in a statement. “We couldn’t be happier to have her join our family.”

The series marks Long’s second on-screen appearance with LL, as the pair co-starred in 1999’s undercover-cop drama In Too Deep.

Her resume also includes Keanu, Friday, Are We There Yet?, Love Jones and The Best Man.

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13 thoughts on “Nia Long Joins Cast Of ‘NCIS Los Angeles’

  1. Treva on said:

    Good lord WHEN are they going yo write Nia Long out of NCIS? I barely watch it anymore. And I wad a faithful fan. She really ruins the show.

  2. Jane on said:

    She Sucks Big Time…Egotistic and Clevage ,,,, Really…… don’t Like her and not going to watch anymore .. too bad, it was great once but the changes Suck Big Time!byebye 😪 too bad, Love the other cast members…. they will suffer the consequences of the network choices….

  3. miltonNia on said:

    I am about to stop watching this show if Nia Long remains with the show I don’t like her on the show , she really needs to go . Nia Long needs to go ,go .

  4. A. Williams on said:

    Nia Long doesn’t know how to lead in this show. She tries to hard. She’s better off playing in the old roles in the movies that make her a natural. I know she needs to advance in her acting career, but this show is not the place for her to do it!!

  5. Patricia Long on said:

    Do not like Nia Long and the part she plays. She is very cold and when someone knocks on her door, you hear “Enter”. What is that? Queen Mosely? Don’t like her , bring Heddy Back!

  6. Monique on said:

    Please get rid of this nasty pushy umm character, although I do not think her acting (really) is far from her real life personality. It does not matter what show she is one she gives off. this bossy better than thou attitude. There are so many more actors that could run circles around her, this is not a diversity issue it is a talent issue.

  7. Judith Patton on said:

    I didn’t like Nia Longs part on NCIS, She played a real bitch. Castle did the same thing when they made a change. I hope we don’t have to see her and her superior/haughty attitude strutting around like the team isn’t good enough for her because they are better than her. Even if this is just a show.she the type that most people hate to have over them. Tone her down. !!!!!

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