Dr. Wesley Snipes New Book ‘Talon Of God’


On his birthday, Wesley Snipes talks about his new book Talon of God. With everyone expecting tales from prison out of Wesley he writes a book about demons in Chicago.

Wesley says, “Y’all know I got to do something better, and if the man calls you, you got to listen.” The story takes place in the heart of Chicago. He explains that New York and LA get most of the demon book writing stories but Chicago is overlooked. He says, “things going on in Chicago make you wonder” what’s really happening.

“It took me two in a half  years to write.” says Wesley. A lot phone calls and emails including 72 hours spent in a hotel room with his co-writer.

Sybil says the book was written so cleanly that she can see a movie coming from this. He said, “We wanted to make it cinematic and digestible.” for people when they read it.

Apparently Arsenio and Wesley have a lot of fun together. Everyone thinks that Wesley Snipes is really serious. Wesley replies, “Why is that a surprise?”. But Arsenio says Wesley is a party animal and can dance.

Snipes started out as musical theater guy when he entered the business. He was a singer and dancer. When asked if he could get back into singing and dancing. Snipes said that he would, and that he had even wanted to get involved with the James Brown movie. Saying, “I was going to really really shock people”.

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Wesley Snipes New Book ‘Talon Of God’

  1. Veronica Harper on said:

    I just finished “Talon of God” and couldn’t put it down. I am looking forward to more novels from Dr. Wesley Snipes.

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