Rev. Sharpton: Police Reform Is Necessary


07/19/17 – Reverend Al Sharpton talks about the importance of police reform whether it’s a black or white person being killed, or a black or white officer doing the killing.

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4 thoughts on “Rev. Sharpton: Police Reform Is Necessary

  1. Regarding the interaction between police officers and the concern to protect civilians, one can not authorize with the high school diploma of which one can decide on the life of the citizens. “It is now necessary to recognize and to take into account the whole application of HQ law once and for all on this fragile issue. This is the main point on which the recent administration should emphasis as a true legacy of 2009, toward the next generation…  

  2. Joe Gonzales on said:

    Regarding police reforms .
    Rev. Al, and many others, has tried and tried for many years and failed to make a dent. It seems that we Blacks are used to help other groups such as LGBTQ, White Women Movements , Muslims, Arabs, un-documented immigrants . We are the last on the waiting list.
    When the hell are we going tp focus on US WHEN ? All these other groups have moved ahead of us by leaping in front of the line.

  3. Now that an African American cop has shot and killed a white woman in Minnesota-there will no doubt be police reform.

    As long as PIGS were MURDERING people of color-cops were against any form of re-training or reform!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It seems to be a totally different ballgame when a snowflake is the victim.
    The media has portrayed this woman almost as an ANGEL. I have yet to hear any negative press about her-as is the case when an African American is the victim.

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