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Today the White House is banning cameras from their press briefing. That’s not normal. They have absolutely no rational reason whatsoever for removing cameras from these briefings.

This weekend Donald Trump had his daughter, Ivanka, sit in for him at the G20 roundtable among 19 other presidents and prime ministers. That’s not normal.

On Saturday Donald Trump celebrated a cyber-security alliance he had formed with Russia. Members of his own administration went on the Sunday morning shows to promote the alliance. 24 hours later Trump tweeted that he knew the alliance couldn’t work. Members of his own party said the whole thing was one of the dumbest things they’ve ever heard. That’s not normal.

For six months Donald Trump, Jr. said he never met with Russians about Hillary Clinton or her campaign. When the New York Times prepared to run a piece on him he then released a statement saying he had actually met with a Russian attorney to discuss adoptions. When the piece was released, and it was clear that the New York Times had inside sources, Trump Jr. then admitted that they had the meeting to get damaging info on Russia and that Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner attended with him. Kushner, of course, admitted this meeting on his security clearance forms – as he did multiple other meetings. That’s not normal.

Donald Trump literally threw a party in the White House Rose Garden to celebrate the Trumpcare bill that passed in the House of Representatives – then admitted that he called the bill “mean” to those in his inner circle. First off, it doesn’t make sense to throw a party when a bill passes the House when it hasn’t passed the Senate. Secondly, who in the hell throws a party for a bill they think is mean? That’s not normal.

Every single intelligence agency in America has stated publicly that Russia attempted to infiltrate and impact our elections in favor of Donald Trump. Yet we have absolutely no indication whatsoever that Donald Trump even cares about this. When his own core team has been forced to testify, person after person said, under oath, that he never even brought it up. This is not normal. The fact that Russia is now openly claiming that Donald Trump accepted Putin’s face to face claims that Russia had nothing to do with any such hacking is not normal.

Trump and his team are clearly under federal investigation. None of them have good track records for being ethical men of integrity. They consistently look us right in our faces and lie whenever they feel like it. And here’s the thing – they were being investigated before they were ever even elected. That’s not normal.

Donald Trump’s Chief Strategist in the White House, Steve Bannon, was last known as the head of Breitbart News – which is literally one of the most bigoted, disgraceful news sources in America. Over 2,000 different companies have banned their ads from being placed on Breitbart’s websites. We literally have a man running our country who ran a company that thousands of corporations refuse to be connected with in any way whatsoever. That’s not normal!!

Donald Trump lost the popular vote in this election by nearly 3 million votes, but has insisted that if not for voter fraud he would’ve won. He then put in place a kangaroo commission on voting that requested states turn over troves of confidential information on their voters. Nearly every state in America has refused to turn over what they asked for – not only because the request violated their own laws, but because the request was fundamentally preposterous. That’s not normal. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more bi-partisan rejection of The White House in my entire life.

Because we see this foolishness every single day, it’s easy to grow numb. Don’t do it. Stay frustrated. What’s going on in our country right now is despicable and we haven’t even scratched the surface on what Trump and conservatives are doing to abuse our immigrants, undermine the environment, enflame tensions around the world, and protect corrupt cops. It’s unsettling to accept just how unstable our nation is at the moment, but instead of pretending like it’s all a bad dream, try leaning into it. Decide that you’ve had enough. And make up in your mind that you will do everything in your power to hold this government accountable.

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