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D.L. Hughley asks why does the media so often rush to a headline instead of taking the time to accurately tell the whole story.

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3 thoughts on “GED SECTION: What Happens When The Media Rushes For A Headline?

  1. Only from the nightmare of Trayvon Martin to the fatal incident of Philando Castile, is it not the real moment to forbid the fact that simply with the high school diploma, someone can just become police officer then, allows him to have the life of citizens in hand! Subsequently, once and for all, “They must be at least two years of (college) academic brain !” in fact, to be able to make such serious judgment on the All Lives Matter in America ! This is the main point on which the recent administration should emphasis as a true legacy of 2009, toward the next generation…  

    • Joe Gonzales on said:

      Police officers need better training dealing with Black People. Also many of our Black youth require training on how to deal with aggressive police officers , we want all our Black Youth to be unharmed during a police encounter.
      We are now learning that White people still view Blacks through different set of eyes. We have travelled down this road for 500 years now with very little cosmetic changes .

  2. Joe Gonzales on said:

    It appears that the news media is rushing to judgment when it comes to releasing news. Because of the 24-hour news media stations there’s a craving to be first at everything it doesn’t matter what is true or false as long as the news is out there. I wonder sometimes if we should take a deep breath step back analyze the situation and then make rational objective comments rather than impulsive comments.

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