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An Oklahoma judge declared yet another mistrial in the case of a White police officer who fatally shot his daughter’s Black boyfriend, reports the New York Daily News.

According to the outlet, this is the third time within a year that there has been a hung jury regarding the case. The former Tulsa officer, Shannon Kepler, allegedly shot and killed Jeremey Lake in 2014 after he discovered that Lake was dating his 18-year-old daughter Lisa Kepler, writes the source. According to investigators, Kepler says he shot Lake because he was armed but there was no weapon discovered on the scene.

The Daily News reports that Judge Sharon Holmes told the jury that Kepler could either face first-degree murder or manslaughter, but after four hours of deliberations they were unable to reach an agreement on what he should be charged with.

One of Lake’s aunts, Pam Wilkins, who allowed the couple to stay at her home, told the outlet that her family is saddened by the outcome. “But I’m not giving up hope,” said Wilkins. “We’re believing in God and justice for Jeremey.”

The two previous trials took place in February and November 2016. Both juries deadlocked.

Tulsa police officers taking the lives of Black and Brown individuals in the city has been an ongoing issue. In June, Joshua Barre, a Black man who suffered from mental issues, was fatally shot by police officers in front of a convenience store.

A year prior, 40-year-old unarmed Terence Crutcher, was fatally shot by a Tulsa police officer in the middle of a road. Betty Jo Shelby, the officer responsible for shooting Crutcher, was acquitted of charges related to the incident.

SOURCE: New York Daily News

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Third Mistrial For White Ex-Cop Who Killed Daughter’s Black Boyfriend was originally published on newsone.com

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7 thoughts on “Third Mistrial For White Ex-Cop Who Killed Daughter’s Black Boyfriend

  1. Knowledge on said:

    Wow,well my ppl keep doing what you do best and go to church and pray to the white man on the stick and ask for help. Maybe he is sleeping, so you need to pray louder and maybe he will wake up and come down and finally help you one day because the ones that created him are still oppressing us and you need his help

  2. Alberta on said:

    Poor child.. = ( I’m not going to judge too much because I Now realize that Caucasians are vessels of destruction..it’s their nature to do such things.. Our people can be just as vile….Killing is One commandment we kept breaking that why we went into slavery. We/ Israel Loved to act like the nations around us by breaking His commandments and Mixing with them having Bi-racial children the Most High sent those nations against us & they almost destroyed us..We will never live in Israel in our OWN Land until the New Jerusalem..That’s How imperative it is for us to Keep his Commandments..Because when we break 1 we break them all..Sin is the transgression of the Law..What sin? The Commandments..The vessels of dishonor & wrath are ready to act. They follow our steps..even during the Old Testament times..Ya’ll don’t know this because TV evangelist don’t know this either.

  3. americanize on said:

    White people are on code,you will not find a white jury in America that will convict a white cop for killing a black man,woman,or child.George Zimmerman wasn,t even a police officer.Unified or Die.

  4. Honestly on said:

    Tribal cave n!@@ers in the jury box. They won’t convict with video of the murder or handwritten lies of fellow cave n!@@er. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  5. These jurors must be stuck on Stupid!!!!!
    Why have they not been able to reach a verdict-the man is GUILTY!!!!!

    The only reason the POS father killed the young man was because he was a person of color and was allegedly dating his precious white daughter!!!!!!!!!!

    The parents of the young man who was shot in cold blood DESERVE JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!

  6. specialt757 on said:

    Amerikkka rarely, almost never convicts a white cop for killing a black man. The one that got convicted in VA last year had to have the worse luck ever, but he had a black judge, unfortunate for his racist behind. GUILTY. Surely he’ll be out soon, they only serve about 5- 6 months in prison, hidden from gen pop.

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