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An African-American tourist was beaten to death by a group of men while visiting Greece.

According to CNN, Bakari Henderson, 22, was at a sports bar in the Greek island of Zakynthos with his friends on Friday when a man approached him and began fighting. The brawl escalated into the streets, which prompted security to kick them out.

However, the fight continued on, including even more people such as the bartender and security guard. A report by the Daily Mail said that the attackers were “thought to have used brass knuckles to pummel his head” in an attack that lasted around 30 seconds.

Henderson was pronounced dead before they reached the hospital. His death was due to serious head injuries.

A Greek news organization reported that eight people have been arrested including a 32-year-old Serbian and a 34-year-old Greek national.

The Austin, Texas native recently graduated from the University of Arizona in May with a bachelor’s degree in business finance and entrepreneurship. It was his love for business that brought him to Greece, his family told CNN. Henderson was there working on a photo shoot to launch a new clothing line.

“Bakari loved spending time with family and friends, traveling, and meeting new people. He was a big thinker and enjoyed coming up with new business ventures. Bakari was an inspiration to all he met. He loved life and lived it to the fullest,” they said in a statement.

Officials from the University of Arizona sent their condolences to Bakari’s family.

 “All of us at the University of Arizona are shocked and saddened by the loss of our recent graduate, Bakari Henderson. Our hearts and prayers are with his friends and family,” university president Robert C. Robbins said in a statement.“I can only imagine the deep sense of loss they must be feeling at his untimely death. It is always a tragedy when a young life ends before it has really yet to begin.”

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27 thoughts on “Recent College Graduate Beaten To Death In Greece

  1. Jason damon on said:

    All you blacks with your bullshitting need to be grateful your in america where most white men do act like pussies and don’t back there friends but your all so ducking naive, go live in Africa with a black will become grateful for america real quick they dont have food stamps and section 8 in Africa your on your own and you best have a macheted so u dont get your ass cut up if you dont believe me ask your brothers in Liberia if there glad there ancestors went bac k si be grateful the whites in america our kind hearted and tolerate you because if acted like African warlord s shot going to get rough for you

  2. Joe Gonzales on said:

    His parents Failed him why?

    Obviously they never thought him to be Black,hang out with Brothers. You never see a real Black Man or Woman hang out all alone amount 10,000 Whites ,with 4 White so called friends. Be Black Love Black

    • Melvinowens on said:

      I would never feel comfortable being the only black person in a group of friends. Besides, white dudes are cowards and will not have your back in a fight

  3. Not happy on said:

    Wow ….black folks need to choose their friends wisely…. where the hell were his white friends when they were beating his ass ….. scary ass white bitches….. cowards

  4. Joaney on said:

    Glad Clinton bombed the shit out of Serbia in 1994. Too bad they are no longer under the heel of Russia, damn untermensch! Yeah, 10 or 12 against 1 — true punks, I can see why their women flock to American men, look at the ugly cave short squat “men” they have for Serbians

  5. Honestly on said:

    This is no tragedy, I saw the video. Those pack of wild cave n!@@ers set upon him like he was a deer and slaughtered Bakari. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

    • Joe Gonzales on said:

      Correct .
      We also must be cautious , observant , and smart. This brother had lost his Black Card long ago .He love White Folks, hung around them 24-7. Brothers got to learn , we have being going throught this crap for over 400 yrs man. Like I said observe/ listen carefully what White folks are saying 3 times before talking once.

      Also don’t trust Brothers who hang around White folks talkig shit about their own people. We got to take care of us.

  6. Thor on said:

    I live right next to Serbia and here`s a good tip for you loud, flashy Americans; don`t go to Serbia and hit on the local women. Just don`t do it. You Americans think you are hard, because you have never experienced real hard. The serbian guys will mess you up. And they won`t appologize for it afterwards. If you are lucky, you will live. With a little bad luck, you will spend the rest of eternity on the bottom of a serbian gravelpit. The spoiled American messed up and paid for it. You guys shoudn`t walk around and try to be bigshots outside of the US, it`s a very bad idea.

    • Not happy on said:

      What an IDIOT….. please stop running YOUR mouth….. that YOU know your ass CAN’T cash .! You probably wish you were black. Thor you are definitely a classic example of a nincompoop. Take several seats

  7. Joe Gonzales on said:

    Friends. When are we going to learn that we must feel comfortable being Black. This young man, a Black Millennial was raised in a White hood, playing with Whites only. He went to Greece , a White European country with his White friends to promote/launch his own clothing line.
    He went to a rowdy bar , got in an argument with 2 White people who started chasing him , with 8 more Whites joining in , and beat him to death.
    So guys where were his White “Brothers” ? Why didn’t they back him up? The only time they joined in is when he was dying on White European soil> Why didn’t the attackers also attack the Black man’s White Friends? …… Lesson Learned for all you young naive Millennials. When traveling .always try to be quite , listen 3 times more than you talk , be very careful PlEASE

    • Melvinowens on said:

      I agree with you. I left my all black community and attended Cornell University. After 4 years at Cornell, all my friends were black like me. You can not trust white folks.

      • Joe Gonzales on said:

        So Sad. I grew up in. A time where we had to stick together or die.I was in the 2nd 75 th Ranger boot camp in Ft Bening GA back in 1973 at age 18. Benning is located on the border between GA and Alabama back in the days despicable KKK openly ruled in Dixie.KKK were scared to mess with us because Blacks,Latinos,Phillipinos stuck together where ever we went including the Panhandle of Florida. Please Please Brothers stick together love your color , quit fighting each other, fight the real enemy ..

      • Run Foer on said:

        Yeah white folks are just so bad. One question I hope you can answer; if blacks are so great, how come most of Africa is now a broken, poor and very violent toilet where people are brutally killed every minute of every day, but at the same time the white Nordic countries have been peaceful and safe paradises for 60 years?? Explain it to me. Is it becasue white people are so awful and black people are so smart and good? And how come everything turns to shit the moment black people move into a neighbourhood? Why? Please explain becasue I have still not found any answers that makes sense.

    • Run Foer on said:

      He wasn`t beaten do death because he was black. He was beaten because he was a loud, flashy and stupid American in Serbia. You have to try and understand that Americans are not so popular in parts of Europe. But you dont understand that, so you come overe here and loudly proclaim “I`m American, worship me!”. The moment he opened his mouth and hit on the local women, he turned himself into a target. Dead man walking. Thousands of Serbian guys would have liked nothing more than to take part in that beating. Becasue he was American.

  8. americanize on said:

    White supremacy is global its a system design to dominate none whites all over the world,white devils are fighting for there genetic life they know more of them are dying than being born,they have made so many enimies now they are scared to death.We as black folks have to get on code and stop selling our souls to the white devil,if we are to ever become a liberated people its going to be because of us.Unified or Die.

  9. specialt757 on said:

    Officers sworn to protect and serves should protect and serve all, including blacks. However, in the U.S. white cops especially, seem to kill blacks at will and are never held accountable. Perhaps if the policies were changed throughout PDs across our nation, whereas police see and treat our people like they treat white folks and see POC as people first, then there would be no need for civil rights groups to form in Amerikkka, or a need for people like me, pro-black, speak out against police brutality.
    Another thing skippy, how come you’re not outraged at the videos on the NRA website filled with hate and appear to take the 2nd amend rights as their god given right while dismissing others’ 1st amendment rights? These people are suggesting that anyone getting in the way of their “rights” will be dealt with severely, including cops. Now you and I both know had this same video surfaced on a BLM website, white folks would be trying to shut it down, oh not trying but would have. So this one action alone should tell you how different white folks see you and I, they hate YOU and yet YOU continue to kiss their stankin’ asses. YOU should definitely seek professional help for that self-hate you got going on, because when you encounter a white racist cop, and no matter what fancy VW you got or how much money you got, guess what you “still a NI**ER” to them.

  10. specialt757 on said:

    “…other blacks don’t matter only the one shot by a cop is worth comment”
    Wrong skippy, blacks lives don’t matter to people like you and FAUX news. These people are criminals and that’s what criminals do, commit crimes, when these ignorant bastards are caught, they will be prosecuted to the full extent possible. And you’re asking me how come I’m not outraged, how come you’re not outraged? Where’s your #stoptheviolence website or organization?

  11. jhuf on said:

    Why I don’t hear you and your ilk commenting on the all the black kids gun down in Chicago over the 4th holiday But then a 1000 Black lives taken by other blacks don’t matter only the one shot by a cop is worth comment

    • Joe Gonzales on said:

      His parents Failed him why?

      Obviously they never thought him to be Black,hang out with Brothers. You never see a real Black Man or Woman hang out all alone amount 10,000 Whites ,with 4 White so called friends. Be Black Love Black

  12. This is such a senseless tragedy. I hope the family gets justice! The media only reported this story once. This story NEEDS to be consistently in the media! Had this young man beaten a white person to death, it would be All Over The Media. Hey Donald Trump and the Repiblicans! . . .

    • jhuf on said:

      Try again Scooter it’s the media Ms-Led-NBC, and CNN (Counterfeit News Network)
      With such a hard-on for some imaginary Trump/Russian conspiracy they don’t bother with real news like this, those of us who watch real news outlets like FOX knew about this already

  13. specialt757 on said:

    I’m really sorry another brother with much potential fail victim to hate across the world. AmeriKKKa doesn’t care about their own, except if they’re white, so why would people in other countries? My condolences to this young man’s family. May his soul rest in peace.

  14. Mia.P on said:

    That is messed up I praying for his family may he RIP gone too soon but will never be forgotten. Get justice for this young Man.

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