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ATL Premiere Of WE Tv's 'Growing Up Hip Hop'

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Stevie J has found a new way to demand that Joseline Hernandez let him spend time with their daughter.

This brings a whole new meaning to wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Stevie J and Joseline have had rocky time figuring out a custody agreement over their baby Bonnie Bella. Truth be told, they’ve had a tough time deciding whether they like each other since Joseline found out she was pregnant

After Bonnie Bella arrived, the pair went back to court to work out a custody agreement. They eventually dropped the case. But their relationship has remained unstable until this day (they even backed out on a joint appearance on The Wendy Williams Show).

While figuring out her relationship with Stevie, Joseline went toe-to-toe with his daughter Savannah Jordan on social media. Then she dropped a bomb, claiming that she had plans to move to Miami with Bonnie Bella. As if that weren’t enough, Stevie claims that Joseline has been keeping Bonnie from him.

“She been keeping my daughter from me, that’s not cool,” he said on L&HH . “You didn’t answer my call to see my baby. When I call — I want to see her.”

Now, he’s taken his to the ‘Gram for all to see. And for those that happen not to be online, he may be sporting the new Free Bonnie Bella t-shirt he’s created.

We’re not sure what the next level of this campaign might be, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he was getting some quotes on putting up a billboard.

Stevie J Creates ‘Free Bonnie Bella’ T-Shirt was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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