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Adding even more insult to grievous injury, there were no alcohol or drugs at a suburban Dallas house party where a police officer fatally shot 15-year-old Jordan Edwards as he was leaving the event.

This contradicts accounts that police came to a Balch Springs, Texas, house party on April 29, 2016, and broke it up because a call came in saying there was underage drinking going on.

As teens were leaving the party, former police officer Roy Oliver shot into a car Jordan was sitting in with his rifle, shooting the African-American honor student in the head and killing him in front of his brothers and friends.

Police took the boys in the car into custody after the incident, forcing them to leave Jordan’s body behind.

None of the teens were drinking nor doing drugs, a law enforcement official told the Dallas Morning News, and an autopsy report this week also showed no traces of alcohol or illegal drugs in Jordan’s system.

Oliver was arrested on murder charges less than a week after the fatal incident, and was fired from the Balch Springs Police Department.

The 37-year-old cop first told investigators that the car carrying Jordan was coming toward him in a threatening manner, yet camera footage disputed this version of events.

Jordan was a straight-A student who played for his high school’s football team.

SOURCE: Dallas Morning News



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18 thoughts on “No Alcohol, Drugs Found At Party Where Cop Killed 15-Year-Old Jordan Edwards

  1. I have figured you out so called Dr. Larry. You are not white. ( only older black men call other men “cats”. You are very transperant in your demeaning comment toward your on race. I suggest you get psychological counseling for your mental defect there is help. If your not already on medication you need to be. I bet you are extremely lonely there are support groups for that also! Take it from a mental health professional you need help! Now go get some and Happy 4th to all!!!!

  2. Dr. Larry on said:

    No drugs or alcohol? C’mon man. Was it a party to study for the SAT’s? There were shots fired at the party, then this cat and his posse go tearing out, ignoring a police officers command. That never ends well.

    • Michael Smith on said:

      How do you know shots were fired? No guns, drugs, or alcohol was found at the scene. You’re part of the systematic problem we have in this country when it comes to Black People, like all cops are not bad, the same goes for Black people.

      I know, you’re an in the closet racist!!!!!!

  3. Hoodrich on said:

    authorities do not investigate until after they kill people now. an investigation after the 911 call would seem to be more logical, that way, no one dies…but I digress

  4. specialt757 on said:

    About your changed subject (lol), did you see the tweets Amerikkka’s head fool in charge sent out yesterday about Mika and Morning Joe? If he put this much energy in making our country great for ALL Americans and stop all the non-sense, we might be able to get somewhere. But every day he has to “fight fire with fire” like a 1st grader. Tit for tat, he needs to grow the eff up and start acting like a 71 y.o. responsible and intelligent adult. I know that he’s neither, but he needs to pretend. Even his own party is disgusted by his rants and childish behavior, they can no longer defend his actions.

    • Diane on said:

      Girl u knw I saw that mess. The republicans will comment on his pathetic behavior. In the end, they will continue with their agenda. Undue everything the lst blk prez accomplished. It’s sad how jealous this clown is of Obama. Someone made a statement about how he hasn’t forgotten how Obama had the press core laughing at him at that dinner years ago, when Obama was cracking jokes about him. Haha, poor thang.

  5. Find the caller who lied, I trust justice will be served and the family go after the racist ass officer take everything he owns and the city also, I hope they don’t settle out of court, wow know comment from the peanut gallery aka pee-pee Johnson n fake Dr. Larry, 😂

  6. Passing Through! on said:

    And what if there were alcohol or drugs it didn’t have a damn thing to do with what happened, they’re already looking for a reason to blame Jordan for his own death. Any time a racist shoots an unarmed black person the victim gets put on the stand for their death. Jordan’s the victim why are they questioning his past.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Exactly! They’re always try finding ways to make it look like the victim cause his death. In this case, he was almost a choir boy, so now what? How about we look into the murderer’s past, see what his past activities he’s been involved in, like him attending klan rallies. Amerikkka is such a racist ass country and now we got a first class idiot running it, so we are F**KED!

      • Diane on said:

        We are effed. I’m going to change the subject. That fool in the WH is so despicable. I have lost respect for the office of the presidency. That man has no shame.

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