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Kendu Isaacs, a man whom many say has no shame—tried to do just that to Mary J. Blige after her emotional BET Awards performance last night.

Isaacs and Blige, currently embroiled in a messy divorce, were married for more than 13 years, but that is definitely over, now, and Isaacs has reportedly asked for more than $110,000 a month in spousal support.

Blige stepped out in a stunning and body-hugging sequined outfit and opened with “Set Me Free,” saying, “you ain’t getting a dime” to which the audience responded with cheers. She then ended her set with “Love Yourself” with A$AP Rocky.

Isaac must have been watching because he took to Instagram to tell Blige that he “can’t even begin to understand why you are going on about this the way you have been. … You and I really need to talk and stop all this negative nonsense.”

Some would say asking for that much money per month if—as Mary alleges—you were cheating would mean there’s not much need to talk but…we don’t know the whole story.

Let’s hope they can at least get some closure.

SOURCE: The Shade Room

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13 thoughts on “Kendu Isaacs Is Salty Over Mary J. Blige’s BET Awards Performance

  1. Sarah on said:

    You cheated on Mary and used HER MONEY to treat you side piece. YOU have nothing to say. I do not care if she drags him through the mud.

  2. I’m happy that MJ is continuing on with her life without this freeloader of a husband. Why cheat? If you were unhappy that was the time to talk about your life, not now that you want her money and yes, of course you love her but you cheated and she won’t forget that

  3. Mac Ben on said:

    I’m glad this brother is getting his money. For too long judges have been allowing these hoes to fleece men for every nickel they can get. In this new age of equality the shoes is on the other foot and its tight as hell!!!

  4. Butter Pecan on said:

    He asked a Judge for over 1K a month in spousal support, got 30K in temporary support now he wants to be civil! Kendu started this with his cheating and Mary about to wrap it upin a neat little bow! GET A JOB BOO! it’s going to be over soon, What a loser!

  5. Sheila on said:

    Kendu needs to sit his big head butt down and be quiet. It’s over. Stop talking about it. Let it go. No more love from Mary.

    • Or vice versa, when a man fed up there ain’t nothing you can do about it.
      Y’all ladies see when you goto courts it was always in y’all favor now the tide has turn whereas men or trying to get what they can get.
      Never thought I’d see the day when men winin court. Mary should have marry an old hard working man like me instead of a suit wearing loser.
      Ladies don’t let those fine cars and bling bling fool y’all.because if you do you’re bout to be taken for a ride.

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