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A Canadian woman caused a scene as she demanded that her child be treated by a White doctor.

An unidentified woman was caught on camera at Rapid Access to Medical Specialists in Mississauga, Canada, hounding staff to find a White doctor, The Huffington Post reports. Although doctors of other ethnicities were available to provide care to her child, whom she claimed was in urgent need of medical attention, she declined to see them in footage captured by a man named Hitesh Bhardwaj.

“Can I see a doctor please, that’s white?” the woman asked a staff member. “That doesn’t have brown teeth, that speaks English.” She refused to accept that none of the doctors on-hand at the time were White, English-speaking Canadians. An attendant informed her that the staff who fit that description would not be available until later that afternoon.

Dismissing what she had just been told in the waiting room, the mother stomped up to the reception desk to demand a White doctor again. “I would like to see a White doctor. You’re telling me there’s not a White doctor in this whole entire building?” she could be heard asking. “Well, what’s the closest that you have to speaking English?” The woman was the directed to take her child to a clinic as none of the doctors available met her specifications. She told them that she had no intention of taking her child to the clinic “with all those Paki doctors.”

She repeatedly suggested her belief that none of the non-White doctors could provide her kid with an adequate level of care. She even insinuated that they might do more harm to her child. The spectacle bothered other patients and their families–so much so that one girl denounced the woman’s behavior to her face.

Instead of apologizing, the woman continued to frame herself as the victim in the situation, accusing everyone of being mad at her for simply being White.

Check out the crazy footage above.

Watch: Canadian Mother Demands A White Doctor For Her Child was originally published on globalgrind.com

10 thoughts on “Watch: Canadian Mother Demands A White Doctor For Her Child

  1. My Opinion on said:

    Most of my childhood we had white doctors because there weren’t many in practice in my hometown. When I was old enough to choose, I chose to have a black doctor’s and then I later chose to have only female gynecologist because who can better understand what a female goes through than another female.

    • That’s why men like male doctors to look after their well being than female doctors.
      Can you imagine a women doctor checking a male prostate. If so I wonder if a woman doctor would have a male in the room so a male can’t say that the woman doctor touch him in a sexual way or sexually assaulted him?

  2. My grandmother would only go to black doctors and dentists. To each his own. Live and let live. If this one only wants to be treated by white doctors, why should anyone give a damn? The only ones who will suffer are her and her child.

  3. Mac Ben on said:

    Sadly, I feel the same way. I selected my primary care doctor and my broker to be jewish; my Urologist is Asian.

    • I sure hope you don’t develop prostate cancer and there’s not an Asian urologist at that time to perform the surgery. It’s like your gas tank is empty and you only put high octane in your vehicle and at that gas station out of nowhere that you stop to get gas has only unleaded regular and you tell the attendant no I only put high octane in my vehicle and you pull of on an empty tank. With that car you will run out of gas and without that Asian doctor being unavailable for thatProstate surgery you eventually may died. Man I’ve never encountered such ignorant people since I’ve been on this web

      • Mac Ben on said:

        Too late. I’m two years into recovery— Asian doc saved my life when he recommended PSA at 43 vs waiting until 60.

    • Happy that you’re in recovery give god the glory working through that Asian doctor hands.
      Prostate cancers probably runs throughout that family gene pool.
      Be advised to let your family male cousins and brother check.
      Heart attacks runs in my family and I suffer cholesterol from my family gene pool and I only weigh 105 pounds.
      Father died at 53 And brother died st 51
      Good luck to you

  4. This goes on a lot in this country. I remember this nurse told me an old white southern Becky that was sick told the doctor that she didn’t want no ni@@er sticking her she wanted someone white being that it was a small town and the hospital was short of staff that weekend the doctor informed the Becky that if she don’t let that black nurse give her the shot the Becky would died.
    Well she said okay at that time knowing that she would get a death sentence, the black nurse told me that when she stuck that old “Driving Mrs Daisy” she ran that needle in her arm which caused her the Becky to twitch.
    White folks ain’t nothing but the devil

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