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Wheel of Fortune spun into idiocy when they used a backdrop showing Black people in slave-era clothing. To add more insult to injury, the backdrop was used during the game show’s Southern Charm Week. Visuals below:

That’s right — a bunch of Black people are just roaming around in front of “the big house.”

Viewers were outraged by the imagery, with one tweeting, “Someone please tell me why @WheelofFortune has slaves in their ‘Southern Charm Week’ images?”


“Southern Charm” week originally aired in March, but reruns continued.

According to Page Six, the game show’s executive producer has since expressed regret for including the image and said the image would not air in future reruns.

The image was photographed by producers back in 2005 during an on-location shoot at the Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana. A spokesperson for the venue said they didn’t hire people to portray slaves. They only employ tour guides of all skin colors to wear period clothing for the job.

Mmm, right.

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14 thoughts on “‘Wheel of Fortune’ Dragged After Using A Backdrop Of Slaves For ‘Southern Charm Week’

  1. My Opinion on said:

    Nothing those redneck hillbilly bobs do, surprises me. They’re just plain stupid and ignorant the proof of that is on this webpage crackhead pettie boy johson.
    Get a life you miserable maget, loser.

  2. Now this is that bullshit. What educated fool thought that having a back dropped with black people in period (slavery) clothing was a good idea especially in the climate that we are in today?
    This is so damn shameful, it’s more to “southern charm” than slavery, because there wasn’t a DAMN THING CHARMING ABOUT SLAVERY! F-N idiots. Jose’ and chris must have been on the decision making team.

  3. Truth on said:

    Slavery was a horrible government sanctioned part of this country no party more to blame than the other the people that weren’t against it were for it as an instrument for financial gain the primary basis for which whites benefited.

  4. It looks to me as if some folks wish to re-visit SLAVERY in the age of Chump.

    Wheel of Fortune knew exactly what they were doing when they showed slaves in the backdrop of their “Southern Charm” vignette.

    History does seem to be repeating itself. However, that is one part of this countries ugliest
    parts which needs to remain in the history books-never to be re-enacted again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jhuff on said:

      well since Republicans ended slavery a practice Democrats fought to preserve I’d be more concerned with people wanting to return to that era had Hillary Clinton be elected

      • Diane on said:

        Blah, blah, blah. Get off that damn Hillary s**t. The nut won. And yes, him and his ilk would love to see us in bondage. Make the country white again. Take their country back. All code words. Fact of the matter is, we aint going no damn where.

      • specialt757 on said:

        It’s high time for you to find a new song to sing buddy, cuz the needle on that record is well past broken.

      • My Opinion on said:

        Diane, let’s not forget America wasn’t the white devils country in the first place, It was stolen from the Native Americans,giving it back to them would
        be the correct thing to do but that’s not going to happen. Whitey seems to forget their ancestors are immigrants also. Read the book Killer of the flower moon. It tells the story of how the Osage Indians were some of the riches people living in Oklahoma after moving there to get away from their mistreatment by paleface. They were slaughtered by those hate mongers who posed as their friends as was common practice by the white devils and their land was stolen. This incident was covered up for a long time but is now exposed by non-other than a white guy.

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