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Tamar Braxton has extended an olive branch to Tiny and her estranged husband T.I.

Ever since she left The Real, Tamar has been at odds with her good girlfriend Tiny. The pair have traded jabs and Tiny‘s mama even jumped into the beef at one point.

The tension has all become too much for Tamar, so she reached out to her bestie on Instagram to make things right in their relationship. She misses them.

“Ya know I’ve been thinking,” Tamar started, “although I don’t feel like social media is the best place to work out personal issues…sometimes it can be the most effective way to get your love ones attention.”

She continued, simply stating, “I love you guys.”

And Tamar wants to see the whole family back together. Tiny and T.I. have expressed their intention to get a divorce–they even ended their family reality show by officially breaking up–but Tamar is holding out hope that they can get back together and save their marriage.

“I also love your husband @troubleman31 because he is my family also,” Tamar stated, suggesting they talk things out. “How about we ALL sit down and talk and declare our new Love and mutual respect for each other and I’ll pay for and sing at your new vowel renewal ceremony.”

Of course, since this is Tamar, it couldn’t all be love and light. She threw a wee bit of shade in her Come-To-Jesus call, stating, “Life is too short and I’m ok with ignoring single, miserable hateful friends who WANT to see you and I at odds and instigating feuds with you and your husband.”

It’s not clear who Tamar could have been talking about, but we bet it struck a nerve with somebody.

Once she got that backhanded comment out of the way, Tamar went back to her message about reconciliation. She wrote, “Love and forgiveness is easier than being mad and full of hate.”

Tamar finally got to her apology, writing directly to Tiny, “With that all being said @majorgirl I’m sorry for my part in the hurt and want to have my best friend AND her family Including all of our kids and TIP all back together again.”

Tiny responded in kind, saying that she and Tamar would always be friends, regardless of any current issues.

But then, things go messy, when Toya Wright peeps Tamar’s shady comments about her and her book.

In a now deleted post, captured by, Wright says this:

But that’s not all. Then Reginae Carter, Toya’s daughter stepped in with both feet.

First, with this comment:

And naturally, when comments came, although she’s now disabled them on both posts, she had THIS to say:

Lordt. Do none of these women have working cell phones? Or is this just social media generated drama that will be resolved on one of their reality shows? And wasn’t Tiny just too cute at one point?

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