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Tyka Nelson promised Prince fans a surprise, showing off some childhood pics on social media. Now we know what it was.

Honoring what would have been his 59th birthday today (June 7), Nelson released a music video for her song “End of the Road,” which takes viewers through the childhood they shared back in Minneapolis.

“After Prince passed I wanted to give him one final birthday present and I decided to fulfill his wish, and record this song at Paisley Park,” she says, referring to his home and studio in Minnesota, where the singer died last year. “This song poses the question ‘Is this the End of The Road?’ and my answer is I don’t think so! I will see all three of my beautiful family members someday again.”

Screenshot from Tyka Nelson's music video for "End of the Road"

Family photos from the Nelson family featuring baby Prince.

Among the never-before-seen family photos and footage in the video are his childhood home at 539 Newton in Minneapolis and the yellow house where his and Nelson’s parents moved in 1965.

Prince owned the red guitar illuminated in the background of one shot, and the hooded teddy bear sitting in the front yard was a gift to Tyka from her famous brother.

Nelson and Apollo V penned “End of the Road,” while Empire executive producer Sanaa Hamri directed the video. A longtime friend of Prince’s, she also directed the clip for his 2004 song “Musicology.”

Watch the video below:

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Remembering Prince Through the Years
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6 thoughts on “Tyka Nelson Releases Tribute Song ‘End Of The Road’ Dedicated To Prince

  1. Sonia Rodriguez on said:

    This song is a beautiful tribute to her brother Prince. What a great song! Continue singing this song! 🙂 S

  2. Looked up the lyrics, and they are different from the ones in the video:( Several statements are left out, with regard to relationships with each other and the mention of God, in the mix of things. Looking forward to locating the complete version of the lyrics.

  3. Butter Pecan on said:

    That was touching! She has a nice voice. It’s sad that they never performed together. That could have been epic!

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