06/07/17 – Reverend Al Sharpton gets real about the possibility of a Trump impeachment, whether Pence is a better option than Trump and Comey’s upcoming testimony.

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4 thoughts on “Rev. Sharpton Covers Comey’s Testimony; The Possibility Of A Trump Impeachment

  1. FallMornings on said:

    Much adoo about nothing. I bet he doesn’t have any juicy information. Most Whistleblower’s get screwed if they throw their Bosses under the Bus. We’ll see.

  2. Diane on said:

    He will just try to change the narrative. He always does. He will talk about the new fake FBI director he nominated. I will bet my house, he knows nothing about the guy. Whatever comes out of these hearings the republithugs will let it ride no matter how obstructive it is. They are a bunch of cowards, they are afraid to speak ill of the commando and liar n Chief

  3. Comey was fired from the FBI because he was digging too deep and found the TRUTH.

    The Idiot-in Chief should be pulling out more of his funny hair-now that Comey is about to testify tomorrow.

    I hope Comey throws Chump under the damn bus and rolls over him a few more times.

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