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James “Jazzy” Jordan is a music executive turned author and trainer. He is the recipient of the 2016 Presidential Lifetime Achievement award from former president Barack Obama, the former executive V-P of a record label, a certified John Maxwell coach and trainer, and an international bestselling author.

He uses what he’s learned about healthful eating to give back to his community by showing people how to live without cancer, diabetes, and heart disease and feel good all the time.

His book is titled Health is Wealth.

When did you decide to live the vegan lifestyle?

27 years ago.

Eating healthy isn’t cheap. Can you talk about dealing with the cost of the vegan lifestyle?

It is cheaper to eat vegan lifestyle than the Standard American Diet because if you are healthy, you cut down on your doctor visits and cut back on your prescription drugs, you will save a lot of money. That open heart operation that you will not need is saving money

What’s been the easiest part of transitioning to a vegan diet?

If can get you to think about what you’re feeding yourself and children it becomes easy because then you want to change. It’s not hard to eat a vegan lifestyle if you want to. Educate the mind.

What are the challenges of a vegan lifestyle?

Your friends and family members trying to talk you out of it and the education process, retraining your thinking.

Any meats you crave the most now that you’re vegan?

I do not have cravings, but if i did go back, I would have to have some fried chicken.

Any family cookout tips for vegans?

I have recipes where you can make vegan ribs and vegan BBB chicken sandwich, vegan coleslaw.

When is it OK for parents to start their children on vegan diets?

We all start out as vegans, the first 12 months, we do not eat animals. So it is perfectly safe, to never feed your children animals or animal milk.

What are some of the less obvious benefits of a vegan diet?

You will be happier and save money because when you’re healthy and feeling good, you are happier and make fewer doctor visits.

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