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Blue Ivy Carter went viral today thanks to leaked footage of her performance in her school’s ballet recital.

TMZ posted footage of Beyoncè and Jay Z’s 5-year-old daughter getting her Misty Copeland on to Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September.”

Sporting braids and a pink tutu, Blue got into formation with her classmates and slayed, of course.

Would we expect anything less from a child of Bey?

Watch below:

It’s unclear if Bey’s proud parents were in the audience during the recital. Beyoncè as the universe knows,  is on the verge of giving birth to twins.

PHOTO: TMZ screenshot

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11 thoughts on “Blue Ivy Carter Twirls On Her Haters At Dance Recital

  1. Virginia on said:

    She’s a 5 year old kid, who has been criticized since the day she was born by GROWN FOLKS–her eyes, her hair, her looks, her clothes. Come on people! So you either don’t like her parents or you’re just plain jealous, whatever it is, but don’t blame Your insecurities on Babies. This also goes for the media. Leave the children alone. The parents have a right to bring their kids along with them, and at times be photographed with them (usually unaware, with long range cameras). Stop it!

  2. Blue Ivy is a little cutie!
    OMG I had no idea she was five years old. My how time flies and these children grow up.

    Ballet is a difficult field of dance-I wish little Ms. Carter all the luck in the world.
    Maybe some day she will be the next Misty Copeland!!!!!!!!

    • dontworryaboutwhoiam on said:

      And so could other little girls. For example halle’s daughter, Ciara’s daughter, my daughter, your daughter, Diddy’s daughters, Chris brown daughter, etc, etc, etc. she is not the only little girl who could be a ballerina damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Right! No different then any other 5 y.o. recital. I wish these Beyoncé stalkers (the media) would find a new hobby. Everything this family does is not cute or special.

    • Sharron Jones on said:

      Just wait til these new babies arrive. Media will have a field day. Major overload coming. Not hating, jealous or a fan. Babies are a blessing, but all the media stalking of this family is annoying. Just tired of them.

  4. dontworryaboutwhoiam on said:

    I agree patricia. You know the news always got to upgrade anyone that have to do with Beyonce and jay z. sick of them.

  5. Patricia on said:

    She’s cute but I don’t see where she slayed or crushed anything. Nothing special about her performance over any of the other kids. They all looked cute in their tutus.

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