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The DMV – that’s D.C., Maryland and Virginia can now proudly call the Obamas part of the community. Looks like after 8 years in Washington, D.C., the Obamas ain’t going nowhere soon. Originally staying in the area to keep their youngest daughter Sasha at her prestigious private school, they now appear to be putting down roots. 

The New York Times reports:

President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, who have spent the past few months slowly figuring out the rhythm of post-White House life, have taken some time to invest in local real estate: They just spent $8.1 million to buy the mansion they’ve been renting in an exclusive neighborhood here.

Last May, the Obamas decided to lease the 8,200-square-foot Tudor-style mansion in Kalorama, a Washington neighborhood that has long been home to diplomats, lobbyists, politicians and the occasional spy. The wealthy enclave is especially crowded lately: President Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, her husband, Jared Kushner, and Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson have all moved into Kalorama in recent months.

The Obamas purchased the nine-bedroom home through a holding company they control, according to Washington property records posted on Wednesday. The property was previously owned by Joe Lockhart, a former press secretary to Bill Clinton who is now the top communications official for the National Football League. The sale, reported by The Chicago Sun-Times, was confirmed by Kevin Lewis, Mr. Obama’s spokesman.

“Given that President and Mrs. Obama will be in Washington for at least another two and a half years, it made sense for them to buy a home rather than continuing to rent property,” Mr. Lewis said in an email.


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23 thoughts on “We’re Staying: Obamas Buy The Home They Were Renting

  1. Really on said:

    There are plenty of broke white people too. They voted for a supposedly rich white man who isn’t going to do anything to help them only himself. Just watch.

    • Really on said:

      There are plenty that would do the same that’s fine hope it works out for you. Won’t argue with your point of view.

  2. Dr. Larry on said:

    Wow PJ hit a nerve. Black men lost Wealth across the board under 8 years of Obama. Fact. Yet Obama managed to enrich himself. You fools have been played by the Hope-a-Dope

    • Tunisia Morse on said:

      The loss of jobs came from The Bush regime get your facts correct Mr Obama became President during a recession, so the numbers fell in his presidency, his initiatives brought us out the recession trying to give Trump the credit but he ain’t shit, the fact you would rather vote for a white crackhead instead of an educated Black man just speaks volumes of yours and your kinfolks ignorance….lmao

  3. Samuel Pierson on said:

    we love Mr President and first lady and girls don’t listen to these ugly hateful people that needs to get a life

    • Cecelia Outlaw on said:

      PeterJohnson, as a gay man – how do you speak such hatred and bigotry. You, of all people, should know better.

  4. DCLady on said:

    Washington DC has a way of keeping you right there! I went to HU and have been here for 40 years and counting…I LOVE DC “proper”

  5. When you get a Ivy League Education And Buy A 8.1 Million Dollar Home Then You May Speak Until Then Shut The Hell Up…And Get Your Life!!!President Obama Has Done His Time And So Has His Family…Get Over It..He Has Left The Building…Its Apparent He Still Has Attention Coming From The Left And Right..Dude Drop Your Mic Because No One Is Listening..

  6. I can’t stand stupid people..Peter Johnson your a complete fool…please go get your life. This World is in total chaos with this present administration…and the the best you can do…again total idiot.

    • Berman9696 on said:

      Well if you want quiet Beeg then I suggest you put on some head phones and listen to that Orange Face Ass Clown all you want in your own little world and stay out of ours… Thank you.

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