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925 Scales Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Hosted By T.I.

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We’ve seen the drama play out in real-time on social media, but T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle is giving us a true glimpse of what’s going on with Atlanta’s royal couple.

On the latest episode of their VH1 show, Tiny sat down with her estranged husband in an attempt to hash out their issues over infidelity. However, things didn’t go as planned after Tip blasted her for moving out of their house. Tiny then dropped the bomb that T.I. cheated with someone she hired, and that’s why she left him.

But the blame game didn’t end there. Tip brought up the time Tiny visited the house of someone “I don’t “f*** with,” to which Tiny explained that although she danced with him, they slept together. As you may recall, Tip and Floyd Mayweather had beef after a video surfaced of Tiny dancing with the boxer at his mansion.

In the clip, T.I. says,“You done had yo s*** where you was out with this motherf*** dude you know I don’t f*** with. You was at his house. You was in his house…” Tiny replied, “When? We wasn’t together! Don’t speak on it as though you know what you’re talking about like, ‘I know 100% she slept with [redacted].’ How do you know that?! Cause you seen me dancing? You don’t know. […] If he can come and treat me like a woman.”

At that point, the Grand Hustle CEO was livid, saying, “I spent millions on you, what the f*** are you saying?” Although we’ve heard the stories, it’s disheartening to watch it all play out.

Check out the video above.

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T.I. Confronts Tiny About Her Relationship With Floyd Mayweather was originally published on globalgrind.com

11 thoughts on “T.I. Confronts Tiny About Her Relationship With Floyd Mayweather

  1. Barbara Dates on said:

    TO, bitch ass needs to STOP, your ass has cheated on her for a long time. If the relationship is a bother than get served your divorce papers!!!!

  2. specialt757 on said:

    True housewives of Atlanta stuff right here. Just sad all the way around. Reality TV does nothing to keep families together, they have destroyed almost all of them. I hope this doesn’t happen to the Manns, but no one exempt, once you let those cameras in, you let the world in, and everyone has an opinion and no filter.

  3. Linda on said:

    I love T.I but he’s flat out wrong in this. He’s controlling and to learn he’s a cheater too?? It looks real bad for him but I bet Tiny takes him back cuz she loves him. Hopefully she’s matured enough to let him go cuz she’ll never be able to trust him again.

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhh…OK! And these two not being married would be a bad thing because???…. I mean obliviously, they have surpassed the point of trust and reconciliation being they have both SLEPT with other people. GET DIVORCED AND MOVE FORWARD PLEASE! Have some respect and dignity for your children…SMDH!

  5. Chastity on said:

    So, I guess he would have preferred her to mess around with one of his friends??? Crazy!!! I do not understand why men think it is okay for them to cheat but when they get cheated on, the woman has committed the ultimate sin. I cannot deal with the double standards. T.I. is full of bs.

  6. T.I appeared to be bringing up anything to justify him cheating. He is full of himself. He willing to lose a good woman for women that will likely do anything for money and fame.

  7. There seems to be a double standard here.
    So T.I. can go out and commit adultery in his marriage, but his estranged wife can’t have a male friend?

    Both of these folks need to grow the f–k up.
    So what if you spent $$$$$ on Tiny, T. I. – a woman’s worth is PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!

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