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The University of Maryland announced Sunday that the FBI is helping the campus police determine whether the fatal stabbing of a Black student visiting the university by a White student was a hate crime, CNN reports.

University of Maryland President Wallace D. Loh issued a statement saying that witnesses and other sources have led investigators to believe the accused assailant may have been motivated by racial bias in the unprovoked attack.

The 23-year-old victim, Richard Wilbur Collins III, was Bowie State University student, who was scheduled to graduate on Tuesday and had been commissioned by the Army as a second lieutenant.

According to WBAL-TV, Collins was standing with two friends near a bus stop on the university’s campus in College Park when the suspect approached them early Saturday morning.

University of Maryland Police Chief David Mitchell told reporters that witnesses said the suspect began yelling at Collins and his friends.

From CNN:

“He then said step left, step left if you know what’s good for you,” according to Mitchell.

“The victim looked at him puzzled with the other friends of his and said ‘no,’” Mitchell said. “It was then that [the suspect] stabbed the victim in his chest.”

Collins was taken to Prince George’s County Shock Trauma, where he was declared dead.

WBAL-TV identified the suspect as 22-year-old Sean Christopher Urbanski, a University of Maryland student. Authorities charged him with first-and second-degree murder and first-degree assault.

He is a member of a hate group on Facebook named Alt Reich. Despite his affiliation with the online group, his motive for the attack will determine whether he’s charged with a hate crime, authorities said.



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38 thoughts on “FBI Investigates Whether Fatal Stabbing Of Black Student Was A Hate Crime

  1. americanize on said:

    Black America,keep your eyes and ears open when your around white people,we are in a war,practice your 2nd amendment rights,white supremacy don,t play.

  2. Really on said:

    Rest in peace young man. Heart goes out to his family. This ignorant person that did this probably wasn’t going anywhere with his life sitting on the Internet colluding with the other fools. They will get what’s coming I know they don’t believe it though.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    @Arthur, I live in a state, not sure what color, looks like white to me, where of course is an open carry state, you can carry a gun openly except where guns are not permitted. I actually thought about that this morning, I have a license to carry also, I think tho, I will lay mine in my passenger seat when I drive and unless I’m entering work, I will start carrying it on my person as my husband keeps telling me to do. The only reason I have not so far leads back to the Castillo case, I think if I’m stopped by the popo they may shoot first and ask questions at my funeral.

    • Arthur Childress on said:

      @ specialt …..Yeah, I feel you on Philando Castile I still haven’t gotten over his murder! But what is a Black man to do? We can only hope that the Castille case was an anomaly! We have no choice!

      • specialt757 on said:

        Where in the world did I get Castillo from lol? Must be a restaurant in the Chicagoland I’m thinking of. Thanks.
        Unfortunately, we have to keep thinking of our safety first and foremost, do what we must, and although I’m not a black man, as black women we’ve had our fair share of incidents.

    • Voy Cooks on said:

      What is your point Mr Johnson. Sounds like you’re just keeping score in order to justify the next white on black hate crime. If so it makes you just ridiculous. All these killings are tragic and fool’s like you just add fuel to the fire. Believe it or not some confused kid may be reading your comment and act on it. Grow up and smarten up. Be part of a solution rather than part of the problem.

  4. Arthur Childress on said:

    What is it going to take for Black men to begin to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights and apply for a CPL. If for some reason you can’t get a license to carry then, at least have something in your pocket! Please….don’t go out like this young Brother! These murdering bastards have become emboldened with the election of that pos trump. Don’t be a victim!

    • jhuf on said:

      Well if you live in one of those liberal Democrat states CA NY etc only criminals are allowed to carry guns Thank god I live in a Conservative red state which is a licensed carry state and I got mine and I do as far as Blacks exercising their 2nd admin considering the murder rate of YBM by YBM I’d say we are doing just that then there’s the asinine aspect of your comment I’m pretty sure in 2015 Dylan Roof knew nothing about Donald Trump

      • Arthur Childress on said:

        @ jhuf…… Go f**k yourself troll. And save your predictable, regurgitated, bullshit comments for dead briebart’s racist white nationalist website! You and dylan fu*king roof!

      • jhuff on said:

        @ AC aside from your typical angry black man rant do you have any rational facts to counter my comments

      • Arthur Childress on said:

        @ jhuf……I’m talking about law-abiding Black men protecting themselves from whoever, by means of the 2nd amendment. Now wtf are you talking about? I don’t give a damn where you live, what your political affiliation is, or none of that! You’re boring as hell. So again, go f**k yourself and let your trolling pals watch, ignorant, pious, little bitch.

      • Arthur Childress on said:

        @ jhuf….. One more thing. All young Black men are not murdering each other. so how come your trick ass never talks about young Black men like Richard Collins, the man that was murdered by your white savage brother? Yeah, you’re a punk white boy trying to represent yourself as Black. You’re pathetic!

      • jhuff on said:

        @AC try pulling your head out your angry grievance stricken black ass and face some reality
        law abiding blacks DO defend themselves by ALL means, I’m one of them. you initially chose to inject your dumb ass political rant into this tragedy diminishing the tragic aspect so I’ll ask you what the F%ck is wrong with you? How come you only talk about people like Mr. Collins
        there are racist acts committed by blacks as well. the man in CA that shot the white people
        the black man who shot the Dallas cops the 4 youths in Chicago the kidnapped and tortured the handicapped white kid, the white man in same city pulled out of his car and beaten while anti Trump comments were made (too bad he did have his gun on him to exercise his 2nd adm right) YOUR ANTI WHITE, WHITE MAN IS THE DEVIL bullshit is boring as hell and old
        as far as the state I live in it’s not for you to give a dam all that matters is I like it.

      • Arthur Childress on said:

        @ jhuf… First of all fool, keep your head firmly planted in your pale, punk ass bc that’s where it belongs! Secondly, I’m not anti-white I’m pro-Black and you are too stupid to understand the crucial difference! You have no identifiable reality and white folks don’t need me to talk about their problems on this Black website, that’s what you’re on here for! Yeah, I talk about men like Richard Collins and I’ll keep talking about them until white savages like you stop murdering them!

      • Arthur Childress on said:

        @ jhuf……If you feel you need to advocate for white people, why don’t you take your ass back over to that alt-white nationalist website where you spend most of your time! This website seems to be a magnet for ignorant white trolls like you. One more thing…… what’s with all the capital letters, are we supposed to be….intimidated? You are in the wrong house.

      • jhuff on said:

        @AC this isn’t a house it’s a website for collective opinions,it’s good that you are no more intimated than I sure as hell am not, as far as your claim of not being anti white perhaps you need to connect with your subconscious cause it sure as hell is telling this is only one of many sites I frequent I only advocate equality in thinking and rational

      • Arthur Childress on said:

        @ jhuf….You are delusional and a complete fool if you think there is anything rational about a white troll on a Black website who never has anything positive to say about anything Black! Do you have any idea how f**king sick you are?? You are a hell of a lot more anti-Black than I’m anti-white and that is certain! You haven’t even bothered to address the tragic murder of Richard Collins. Why? Because you don’t give a damn about him. You’re only here to spew hateful, negative venom and try to change the narrative! So once again……gfy!

      • jhuf on said:

        Did your mother smoke crack when she was carrying you? I commented far more about the 6year old boy murdered by the three POS as well as many innocent black kids murdered, you can only remember the ones killed by a white person or a cop now who is the one that doesn’t care about black people?

      • Arthur Childress on said:

        @ jhuf…….First of all, I’m going to leave your mother out of this because I don’t know her. Yeah…I know, I’m probably one of the two or three Black men that don’t know your mama but, to my point! Yep….,I’am unabashedly pro Black and my concern for the safety of Black men runs just as deep for 6 yr old Kingston Frazier as it does for 74 yr old Robert Godwin and you can still gfy!

      • jhuf on said:

        @AC Well your supposedly a grown ass man so you can choose to do whatever including
        Going somewhere shoving whatever wherever you deem desirable to achieve your
        Sexual pleasure
        I’m also sure there are many people you will never know even if you think you do
        I’m surprised you took the time to at least discover that tragic things do happen to AA’s at the hands of other AA’s, referring back to your dumb ass accusation that Trump has ushered in some new wave of racist attacks on black people when I’ve seen plenty of examples that it goes both ways, My concern is for the safety of all innocent people not just a fixation on one race

      • Arthur Childress on said:

        @jhuf….What??? Try to stay on point troll! Don’t know why you’re so surprised at my previous comment. My position has always been clear. My advocacy is and will always be for the Black victims, I don’t care if the perp is a deranged Black man, a racist, rogue cop, or a racist pos like this coward bitch urbanski who, btw, should have been shot dead right there where he stood!

      • Arthur Childress on said:

        And…..he would have been, if Black men would stop acting as if the 2nd amendment is a whites only thing and realize we’re in a war!

  5. mrknowitall on said:

    A few weeks ago a racist black boy stabbed a European American college student to death as he sat in a bench. Clearly this is black hate crime, but the black boy wasn’t charged with a hate crime. The black privlege to comment hate crimes is obvious.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Was the black man that killed the white man you speak of part of a “we hate all white people” group? Or was he mentally challenged? Believe me tho, what ever the case, he will definitely get the sentence he deserves the law will see to that, with her blind ass.

      • mrknowitall on said:

        Yes, racist black boy was a member of the largest hate group in America. He is black, and every American knows that blacks are taught to hate European Americans from birth. Hating European Americans is the very meaning of identifying as black. You can’t really be “black” if you don’t hate European Americans, Jews, asians, and foreigners who open shops in racist black cities.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Boy somebody did a number on you. I’m sorry your mother didn’t swallow. You are pathetic and your tired rhetoric is lame. Go spew that non-sense to the alt-right skin head organizations you belong to, they are the only losers who believe that…oh and jose’. GFY you simple-minded half-breed, pimply-faced retard.

  6. Why is there even a question? I hope there’s a brand new, shiny shank with his name on it, all sharpened and just waiting for this bleary eyed bastard.

    • jhuf on said:

      Good luck with that assumption, even with mass shootings perpetrated by Whites it still doesn’t come close to the murder rate perpetrated by Blacks

      • specialt757 on said:

        It’s not an assumption, more whites, more murders by whites. They just don’t get the same punishments or news attention black crimes do. It’s way more cities, towns, and states than Chicago, Baltimore NY and DC.

      • Carole on said:

        Paid person. How can you sleep at night. If you left us in Africa you would not have had this issue

  7. specialt757 on said:

    He began yelling at them while they were standing at a bus stop minding their business. The murdering scum said step left, the innocent victim said no or HELL NO, the murdering bastard stabbed innocent victim in the chest. The murdering POS whose parents should be banned in the US for birthing this neanderthal ape was a member of the neo-Nazi alt-right. Did I get that right? AAW is this a hate crime?
    I hope they beat and torture his dumb ass daily while he’s in prison. I have so much more to say, none of it good.

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