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Police said Wednesday evening that one Las Vegas cop used a deadly chokehold on a Black male after tasering him seven times before he died over the weekend, reports ABC News.

From ABC News:

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Officer Kenneth Lopera, 31, said he believed Tashii Farmer, 40, was trying to break into to a vehicle when he discharged his Taser and placed him in an unapproved rear neck hold for more than a minute, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said at a press conference Wednesday evening…

The video, which was shown at the press conference Wednesday, also appears to show the officer, who is white, firing his stun gun several times before putting Farmer, who is black, in a neck restraint until other officers arrived to find Farmer unconscious.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada condemned the officer’s use of the unapproved chokehold — a move that has been publicly blasted after the tragic 2014 shooting death of Eric Garner — with the Las Vegas Police Department opening an investigation, reports The Washington Post.

SOURCE: ABC NewsThe Washington Post


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17 thoughts on “Las Vegas Cop Puts Black Male In Deadly Chokehold And Tasers 7 Times

  1. My Opinion on said:

    Jackass Johson you stupid little. bigoted peon,lowlife internet troll. Get a life and get off Black Americaweb site. You’re stupidity knows no bounds. As I’ve posted twice before and your ignorant punk ass didn’t answer. You hate us so much why are you on this web site? I tell you why because you have no life, you’re a miserable piece of gutter trash, reckneck, paleface, colorless asswipe. White folks started violence with stealing America from the original Native Americans, Slavery and African Americans, Holocaust and Jews. I can go on and on with the violence you people have projected towards so many different ethnic groups in America and other countries. So shut the f— up and research your history before you throw out your stupid off base rants you dumb asshole.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    We know one thing for sure, the police don’t have a problem lying in their assessments of what happen or on a police report. No camera footage equals “lie until proven otherwise”. AND even if there is video footage, we’re not supposed to believe our own eyes, as in the case of Betty Klan of Tulsa or Mr. Scott’s murderer in SC.
    IF I’m on drugs or mentally unstable, it’s pretty obvious that my decision making skills will be inhibited or even limited, I can’t think straight (for the record I’m not on drugs or mentally ill). Flight, fight, or freeze, we ALL have those instincts in an unusual or scary situation. This article doesn’t provide enough details to make me side with the cops.

  3. BTW, I got so busy trying to analyze this incident, I forgot to convey my condolences to Mr. Farmer’s family. My heart hurts especially for his mother. I wish, by some miracle, since your son wasn’t armed, that officer Lopera would have just let him up and tried to calm him. If by chance you frequent this site, know that prayers are being sent to you and your family and I am so sorry this happened to your baby.

  4. This man ran from and fought with police. After being hit with a non lethal weapon, he still continued to fight. The officer fought with him and put him in a non approved rear choke hold, waiting for backup and the man died.
    Two questions. First, why are people still running from and fighting with police? Second, if non lethal force fails to subdue a suspect, which we all know can happen if a person is on certain types of drugs, should the police, if they cannot restrain the suspect by playing fisticuffs, should they (1) just let him go and try to track him down later? (2) Use lethal force and deal with consequences later, or (3) chase him until one of them gets tired and gives up? One thing we know for sure. If you choose to fight with a cop, you’re very likely to wind up dead, one way or another. From what I read, this man was either high or suffering from some mental ailment. Either way, it’s just sad, when all he had to do was stand in the hotel lobby and talk to the cops.

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      Stop with your logic Kates. He was an unarmed black man, getting his life back together, that was tragically cut short, through no fault of his own. Simply a racist white cop who woke up that morning hell bent on killing a black man.

      • Unarmed, armed, man, woman, chicken, child or dog. If you fight with with a cop, you’re going to lose. Well…most of the time anyway. I’ll never forget the video of a man who beat a female trooper almost to death on the side of the road, while his kid watched. He was unarmed too. Stop with the logic? If more people used simple logic, we wouldn’t be seeing so much of this foolishness. Yeah, I know the truth hurts, but a thing can only be what it is. Any clear thinking person knows the possible consequences of getting into a brawl with a cop. Simple logic.

    • pat brack on said:

      Just like cops fear that they can’t whoop a black male one on one, blacks fear that cops are going to kill them even whenthey have done no wrong…..and most times the fear that blacks have of cops are right.

      • “Cops fear they can’t whoop a black male one on one?” Hell, I’ve seen women that can “whoop” black males one on one. Where did that come from? Whether a person can “whoop” another has nothing to do with skin color. That’s just downright strange. It’s not as if black men are big, black, knuckle dragging, harry backed beasts. Living a race based life can really color a person’s perception of the real world. They’re human, just like cops. I’m black and I don’t fear cops. Stop generalizing. All blacks don’t think the same. All cops don’t think the same. I see evidence of that every day. There is a difference between having black skin and being a black person. My skin is black, but I’m not a black person. That’s why I don’t judge everybody by the actions of a few. If i did, I’d hate people with black skin.

  5. “… tragic 2014 shooting death of Eric Garner” Are y’all serious right now? Eric Garner died as a result of a illegal prohibited choke hold made by a white officer, who btw was never charged for the apparent murder. GET IT RIGHT!

    • Arthur Childress on said:

      @ specialt….. These pathetic, self-righteous trolls NEVER get it right. They’re too busy rushing to judgement! And, it’s always the murdered or maimed Black man or woman that they’re passing judgement on. The Black victim…MUST have been doing something wrong! Let all of the self-hating negroes and Black hating white trolls go straight to hell!

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