What’s a “Romphim”?

Unfortunately millennials have opened the door on another fashion faux pas (we’re looking at you murses) and now men across the world can wear a one-piece outfit a.k.a. a romper. Some will just call it a jumpsuit but thanks to the company behind the viral trend, these call for a lot more floral, pastel and a whole lot more calf/thigh.


The brand has been gaining major attention since launching a kickstarter campaign a few weeks ago which means more than likely, we may see a lot of men in rompers, excuse me, romphims, this summer.

NFL baller Cam Newton seemed to be ahead of the trend when he wore this floral get-up below to Coachella but at closer review, it appears it’s a two piece outfit.



Here are some funny Twitter reactions to the whole thing:


Oh, the youth.

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