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Normally, I write about fights inside the boxing ring folks, but this is one major fight that’s taking place outside the ring that has huge consequences as it pits television judge Glenda Hatchett and her son, Charles S. Johnson IV, against one of the largest medical institutions in Los Angeles: Cedars Sinai Hospital.

On April 13, 2016 at 2:22 a.m., Kyira Dixon Johnson, the beautiful wife of Charles and the mother of two gorgeous children, ages one and two, unfortunately lost her life due to massive blood loss after a scheduled cesarean section delivery of their second son.

Hatchett and her son, Charles S. Johnson IV have filed a complaint seeking damages for wrongful death and negligent infliction of emotional distress, stating that Kyira’s death was a result of the hospital’s failure to properly and timely respond to her symptoms and adequately treat her.

At an emotional press conference held just outside the hospital this past Wednesday, Judge Hatchett and her son stood shoulder to shoulder to let the world know their feelings and their plans to sue.

“The tragic death of this magnificent young woman who had become my daughter was absolutely so unnecessary. The complaint speaks for itself and I trust this lawsuit will spare other families the enormous pain that we are suffering,” said Judge Hatchett.

Hatchett is the host of the nationally syndicated show, Judge Hatchett, now in its 16th season.  The family is being represented by Attorney Michael Orrin.

Check out this Kyira Dixon Johnson celebration of life tape below:

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4 thoughts on “Judge Hatchett And Son Suing L.A. Hospital Over His Wife’s Death

  1. Stan Musual on said:

    Has anybody considered she was targeted for the color of her skin? Also I don’t recall Judge Hatchet telling anyone it doesn’t matter that a child died, that sounds made up, prove it. Hospital’s treat people poorly to begin with, if you’re black, you get treated w orse.

  2. Cathy Pruitt on said:

    Really u have the nerve to sue when u told a plaintiff that death is just something u need to get over and carry on after her 5 yr old died suddenly from a heart so edition REALLY HIE ABOUT U GET over IT

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