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Brandy got a new man y’all and she’s taken to Instagram to share with the world her relationship with soul singer Sir the Baptist.

While in New York City, the Moesha actress posted a pic of the two holding hands and wrote: “Straight off the #HeavenCopter with #HIM @sirthebaptist.”

Here they are chilling on the couch:

She also supports her boo’s career:

And the 28-year-old adores her right back!

He called Brandy a genius and added: “Don’t need to write that she’s a Genius. That’s obvious. Would say she’s an angel but you don’t reach her heights… keep moral goodness and be loved by the greats without wings. However…. she’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. Before this picture, we had already healed many thru song. Now onto chasing each other around the world. @4everbrandy.”:

The two also worked sang together on his new single “Deliver Me.”

What kind of music does Sir do? He recently told Essence that he’s not a Christian artist, but he wants his music to be “that connecting piece between our spirituality and our day-to-day world.” Take a listen:

You go girl!


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5 thoughts on “Brandy Makes It Official With Her New Boyfriend On Instagram

  1. Reminds me of Mary J Blige blathering on about her “boo” before he decided to wipe his ass with her. I still don’t understand why everything people do have to be broadcast to the universe. It would be a lot less embarrassing when the chitlins’ hit the wall if we didn’t act like cockeyed dimwits every time someone looked at us sideways. This one would probably tell her she was the second coming as long as she helps launch his “singing” career. Geez!

  2. Greg on said:

    Both of you above are haterz misery loves company I guess…. But besides the two Imbeciles above my comment I’m truly happy for Brandy and Sirthebaptist their love for each other is very authentic….

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