The Officer Who Killed Jordan Edwards Must Be Fired & Arrested Immediately


I am so angry right now that I have to admit I’m struggling to put one sentence in front of the other. Police murdered a boy, then lied about it to cover it up, only to be exposed a few hours ago. I think we will know the name Jordan Edwards for the rest of our lives.

At 3:11AM on this past Sunday morning, I received a terrible, gut-wrenching emergency email. I must admit that I get so many that it’s hard to keep up, but by sheer happenstance, I actually saw this one.

The email was titled “Shooting of an unarmed Black teen” and it read as follows:


My best friend’s son was murdered by the Balch Springs Police Department last night – just outside of the city of Dallas. He was 15 years old. His name is Jordan. The police never came to the hospital and have been of zero assistance. This family needs answers. He was leaving a party with his brothers. The police are still holding his brothers in jail.

We need some help. Please.

Just a few hours earlier, a police officer in the sleepy town of Balch Springs, which is just about 15 miles east of Dallas, got a rifle and blew a boy’s head off with it. I won’t mince words – that’s exactly what happened. That boy, Jordan Edwards, was a brilliant, beautiful, beloved young brother – full of promise, gentle and kind, hopeful, handsome, athletic, and as smart they come – a 4.0 student who had no enemies on this earth. He was sweet but strong, light-hearted but determined, focused, but also a dreamer.

Like kids do as spring creeps into summer, and precisely as I did when I was his age, Jordan attended a simple house party this past Saturday night alongside nearly a hundred different kids from the community. His brother drove the family car there with Jordan and two of their buddies. They had permission to be there and permission to use the car. They were responsible kids.

At least one neighbor called the police because of the noise and the sheer volume of kids who showed up for the party. As police arrived, Jordan, his brother, and their friends got in their car and left.

They had not been drinking. They had not been smoking. They did not have knives or guns. They had not been fighting.

They simply got in their car and left.

Here is what police initially said happened,

“There was an unknown altercation with the vehicle backing down the road towards the officers in an aggressive manner. An officer shot at the vehicle, striking a front seat passenger. The individual was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced deceased.”

This was their full statement. It’s very clear and paints a particular picture of exactly what happened.

It was all a lie. From the very beginning the kids in the car said that absolutely was not what happened and had body cameras not been present, nobody would’ve believed them.

In a nervous press conference in which he fumbled over every other word, Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Faber retracted his first statement – strangely saying that he “unintentionally and incorrectly” claimed that the car backed “down the roads towards the officers in an aggressive manner” and that the car was actually driving away from the party when an officer they refuse to name got a rifle and fired multiple shots into the car, striking Edwards in the face, killing him right there in front of his brother and friends.

Really, Chief Faber? You expect us to believe that you accidentally said these boys backed their car down the road at the officers “in an aggressive manner?” I don’t believe your misstatement was unintentional at all. That statement was very specific and was released in an attempt to absolve the officer. In fact, the rifle bullets came not through the back or front windows, but the side windows and struck Jordan right in the face as he sat in the front passenger seat.

Chief Faber now admits that after viewing the body camera video that he does not believe the shooting “met our core values.”

Then fire the man who murdered Jordan and arrest him right now. Nothing short of this is acceptable. Truthfully, even that is not enough, but it’s a start, and it needs to happen quickly.

UPDATE: The as yet unnamed officer has been fired. Read about it HERE.

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36 thoughts on “The Officer Who Killed Jordan Edwards Must Be Fired & Arrested Immediately

  1. Diane on said:

    Really?? That young man was a straight A student and no trouble with the law. So stop with your conspiracy therory. Dang!!

  2. specialt757 on said:

    No we don’t know as of yet what color the cop is, but it’s not even a factor. The facts, he wears a blue uniform, carries a gun, badge, and license to kill at will. I don’t know if he was a racists or not. What I do know is that globally, WE have been SYSTEMATICALLY conditioned to believe black lives don’t matter, especially young black lives. So him firing into a car with four young black boys, attempting to murder as many as he could for no apparent reason, is par for the course. This is the “flavor or the day” at PDs across our nation. Going to a teenage party and making it home at the end of the night is what everyone should expect to happen but on this night at this party that didn’t happen, but not due to the actions of the victim, but solely the careless actions of the murdering cop, regardless of color.

  3. Arthur Childress on said:

    This murderous rogue cop Roy Oliver has been fired! Hopefully, he’ll be arrested and charged over the next few days, then….who knows, maybe young Jordan and his family will get some justice.

    • Diane on said:

      Good!! I’m sick and tired of hearing about all these crooked ass want to be cop killing bastards. They hate blk men just because they’re blk. Mofos!!

  4. C. Alen on said:

    These fucking cops looking to cause a riot so they can kill more black folks. its like they don’t go after gang bangers anymore cause they are armed. they are going after the unarmed boys and men who have no police record. killing our best for the hell of it. knowing they will not be prosecuted how long do you think this will go on. they reshowed the LA riots yesterday that is what they are causing to happen again.

  5. leadjustone on said:

    We don’t know the race of the “officer” who murdered this young man, but it doesn’t really matter. Once they put on that uniform, they are all the same. They can kill Black people with complete impunity. Mr. King wants the cop arrested and fired. I hope this happens, but what then? Grand Jury fails to indict, or they do indict; he goes to trial and the jury fails to convict him. We’ve seen this movie before. This is why, when a cop is killed, I watch them stand with their hand over their hearts, while the flag waves and the bagpipes play, …and I feel nothing.

      • Arthur Childress on said:

        Why don’t you avail yourself of the facts of this story before you respond to my comments with your juvenile diatribe. The cop who murdered this kid, Roy Oliver has been fired! Btw, you can direct your feeble-minded comments to someone who gives a damn what you think cause I sure the hell don’t!

    • When a cop is killed. You feel nothing. What did the cops who’s processionals you happen to pass ever do to you? Since you make this comment with such pride, I suppose you think highly of people who feel nothing for a young black child, woman or man who has been murdered because of the cops who have been slaughtered by other blacks, even though these particular people have done nothing to warrant this kind of black hearted hatred of them. This is why generalizations are so dangerous. And ignorant.

      • leadjustone on said:

        No, I don’t think highly of people who feel nothing when a young black child (or any black person) is murdered, although it seems obvious to me that there are many who do. I’m simply angry and tired of the same old b s. And yes, I’m sick and tired of all of the pomp and circumstance when a cop is killed. Their spouses and children are no more important than the loved ones of black people who have been killed; so please miss me with all of that flag waving. Rest assured; not ignorant at all, just damned angry.

  6. S.D. on said:

    Wow Larry, are you always this ignorant or did you choose today and this matter to display your overwhelming stupidity. If you have followed the story, the police chief has recanted his original statement after watching the dashcam. The car was moving away from the police officer, not toward him. That officer shot because that is what he wanted to do, and he shot three rounds because he wanted to kill as many of those young men that he could. And right now, the police are the only ones saying that shots were fired. Trouble started to rise and those young men did what they should have done – – leave the area. And had it not be for the evilness of the officer, they would all be home safe. You need some serious help.

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      The Chief did correct a statement about the vehicle backing up. He did not say the vehicle wasn’t being driven aggressively. Do you have a source for 3 shots fired? You have further insight into the motives of the officer? “He fired because he wanted to”?? Finally, please elaborate on “trouble started to rise”. What trouble, can you be more specific please?

      • Grady White on said:

        The shot was reported to have been fired thru the passenger window. That would mean it was traveling parallel to the officer. Nether toward or away from. I’ll wait for more facts. We don’t know the race of the officer, how can you people claim a racist intention?

      • S.D. on said:

        The call to the police was because of underage drinking and rowdiness – – can be deemed to be trouble. They decided to leave. And whether the car was moving in, what one determined in his mind to be aggressive, it was still away from the officer, which by the way, was in direct contradiction to the department’s own policy. C’mon Larry, the officer was so far out in left field on this one. There was absolutely no reason for him to engage his weapon the way that he did upon those young men.

  7. Dr. Larry on said:

    This is not a racist matter, police get a call about a problem and don’t know or care what color they are. They hear a shot and assume it is related to the 911 call, then the car that a gang of black males are in starts aggressively maneuvering (which innocent people wouldn’t normally do) putting lives in danger and they do what they are trained to do which is protect their city (not knowing why this car is raving toward them) and it goes to being racist! What the hell out country is fixing to go to hell with more people being killed including police officers and innocent people because cops are become scared to do their job because everybody is bitching about them doing what they are trained. I feel the poor child was just in the wrong place with someone who was doing wrong or the cops would have never shot. Cops don’t just shoot cause they like killing blacks (who knows the cop or cops involved may have been black too. They are just wanting to make it home to their families. If the crime would go down there would be less of this, people need to take responsibility for their wrong doings and not just assume it’s a black thing. Let’s remember, if shots weren’t fired at the party, by blacks, this whole event never happens.

    • Barbara on said:

      So I guess you don’t see where the cop lied. What a surprise a cop lies about killing someone. If they were white would they have been a gang? I don’t it. Yet people wonder why his family have to prove he is a good student and has no record thanks to racist like you,

      • Grady White on said:

        and families never lie about what an upstanding, gentle, and caring kid they raised in a broken home, do they?

    • specialt757 on said:

      Larry go sit your ass down and stfu! Or better yet go to TS site and write your petty stupid views, maybe the clowns on there can appreciate you. WE DON’T! p.s. take Grady’s white ass with you.

  8. My heart aches for this young one’s mother. Prayers for strength and faith for this family. They’ve got a long, hard road ahead. Rest easy Jordan.

  9. S.D. on said:

    Jackie, I have to co-sign Specialt757 on this one – – put the Kool-Aid down. Those young men were doing, it sounds like, as they needed to do – – leaving when trouble appeared to be starting. The police officer, and I use that term loosely, shot because that is what he wanted to do, so evidenced by his patented lie that the car was approaching him aggressively. Had it not been for the dashcam, that is the lie that would have been believed. Please, Jackie, don’t make excuses for the evilness of mens’ hearts. A promising future has been taken out of the earth…

  10. specialt757 on said:

    Jackie don’t play yourself. Police don’t need an excuse to kill young or old black men, they long since traded their white hoods in for blue uniforms, badges, guns and a license to kill. These kids were doing the responsible thing (leaving) that perhaps their parents have told them time after time, don’t get into it with the cops, just leave, if you’re able, and MAKE IT HOME SAFE.
    Too bad these KKK cops don’t see that these young black boys’ lives’ mattered. I agree with Arthur, what kind of deranged lunatic open fires into a car full of young kids who were absolutely no threat. Lying POS cops that’s who. These kids did NOTHING wrong, leaving a party quickly does not equate to guilt, get a grip. Stop listening to the white man, everything he says is not the truth.

  11. Jackie parks on said:

    I am still wondering why, with all those other kids there, that young Mr. Edwards and his crew decided to leave the party in a hurry just as the police arrived? There had to be something that was happening that involved them, for them to make such a fast exit. it has always been said, when you make hasted moves in front of the police, you WILL end up on the losing end. I do believe if everyone of them had remain in place until the police left, they all would have went home to a good night’s rest!

    • Jackie, you are an idiot. When there is trouble, you leave. We try to teach our kids to leave trouble, no pictures, no audience just LEAVE!
      There is not 1 report the young men were doing anything wrong. This was a noise complaint. Don’t try to justify what appears to illegal behavior by the officers. Had it been in Highland Park and kids were leaving a noisy party NOT 1 GUN WOULD HAVE BEEN DRAWN.

      Are you searching for a way to blame this child for the EVIL actions of That Soulless Bastard that MURDERED him?
      My God!
      But Feeling bad about it and crying emojis won’t help the situation. It’s time we do something about this
      I challenge everyone to organize and flood your local police & sheriff departments, with calls everyday 3 times a day and express how ashamed, and disgusted we are with police behavior and the loss of respect we have towards their profession.

      And every time we see a police officer on the street, We should tell them;
      “I’m disgusted at what your profession has come to represent and you as a Peace Officer and a Human Being You should be ashamed to wear the uniform”

      Half Ya’ll Ain’t Got The Guts and The Other Half is Full of Shit!

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      You’re using logic here Jackie. That’s not how most BAW posters think. Racism first, second, and third. Then ignore the facts if racism isn’t warranted. Refer to Arthur for the correct BAW roadmap.

  12. Diane on said:

    This is another senseless shooting by a rouge cop whose probably a kkk member with a badge and a license to kill blks. I’m sick of it. It could have been my spouse, my son, my nephew, my grandson, or any other family member. This sh*t needs to stop.

  13. Adam on said:

    Why the hell are cops like this even hired in the first place?
    I’m glad to know at least the 2 sorry excuse for cops here in Ga
    that have been fired arrested and will soon be prosecuted.
    these Texas”police officers”AND the police chief deserve worse
    because in the case here in Ga the young man was beaten and lived.
    The Texas case this child was shot dead.

  14. Arthur Childress on said:

    What kind of depraved animal fires an M-16 rifle into a car full of young boys? The local authorities reported Sunday night that no alcohol, drugs or weapons were found in the car. Another racist dog cop doing what he joined the police force to do….kill Black men.

    • Arthur Childress on said:

      This lying police chief was challenged earlier about “the car backing up aggressively at the shooter” when it was discovered the bullets enter the right front passenger side of the car. Straight up murder…again.

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