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A 16-month-old girl who had been reported missing in Joliet, Illinois, was found dead in the home she lived with family members and other people.

According to The Chicago Tribune, after a 30-hour search Semaj Crosby’s body was found early Thursday morning after she was reported missing on Tuesday afternoon while playing outside a block away. The police are calling the toddler’s death “suspicious” and an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.

Rick Ackerson, deputy chief of the sheriff’s office, told the press on Thursday that Crosby’s body was found in a “deplorable condition.” He wouldn’t divulge where in the house she was found and whether there were any signs of sexual assault.

However, he did shed light on her living situation saying that at any given time there could be up to 15 people living in the home and referred to the extra tenants as “squatters.” Upon inspection of the house after finding the dead toddler, the police have “deemed the house uninhabitable and red-tagged it.”

One man who helped with the neighborhood search, Adrian Smith, told NBC 5 that he was not surprised Crosby was so close all along. 

“I didn’t think she would have gotten too far… for 16 months [old]?” Smith said. “She wouldn’t have gotten too far anyway, unless somebody came and picked her up. She was only 16 months old.” 

Just tragic.

There are many questions swirling including:”If she was thought to be missing when playing outside how did her body end up in the house?” And “How did the authorities miss finding her body when they searched the house the first time?”

First, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services claimed that they conducted a home visit three hours before Crosby went missing—and everything seemed fine. Crosby’s mother, Sheri Gordon, was currently being investigated for neglect.

“DCFS had been at the home on April 25 at approximately 3:20 p.m. and had seen all three of the mother’s children including Semaj,” DCFS spokeswoman Alissandra Calderon said in an emailed statement. “There were no obvious hazards or safety concerns at that time.”

After police were notified about the missing toddler, they claim they searched the house looking in “obvious” places and found nothing. But as the Tribune pointed out, the FBI and local authorities returned later that night and with the help of the family’s attorney found her body around midnight.

During the outside search Crosby’s mother pleaded for those to bring her baby home: “I just want her home with mommy. I just want her home with me.That’s my baby girl, that’s my only girl.”

It’s unknown if anyone is under arrest at this time.

This is a developing story, we will provide updates as they become available.

SOURCE: The Chicago Tribune; NBC Chicago


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29 thoughts on “Illinois Police Find Missing Toddler Dead In ‘Deplorable House’ Where Squatters Lived

  1. Jeanna on said:

    Larry….you are white trash. Ignorant cracker. You sit here hiding behind a screen name talking sh*t. You know what’s wrong with the world, today? Low life racists douche bags like you. Get a life. Why are you on this website anyway. Nothing on the KKK website?

  2. Ginny Kane on said:

    Women what are you doing having all these babies knowing you are not going to take care of Men what are you doing making all these babies you know you are not going to work and provide for.

  3. Larry, to the contrary, I am utterly heartbroken that this innocent child died at the hands of some deranged individual. And to that, I add the fact that your are seemingly now doing a “the pot calling the kettle black” (no pun intended). Nowhere in any of your comments do you offer any sympathy for the loss of this child’s life or prayers and condolences to the family. No, you immediately tear into the “lying state of Black women” and what beasts they are. I think the comments made about devastation happening among all ethnic groups is merely an attempt to try and awaken you to real truth. Please don’t fail us.

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      I’m trying to awaken, shame, whatever it takes to change black women’s violent, aggressive, non feminine behavior.

      • If in fact that is what you are trying to do, then please stop with the broad-brush generalization of all Black women because all Black women do not behave in the manner of which you speak. There is rachett, unbecoming behavior across the board of all ethnic groups of women. Make your comments, yes, but don’t apply them to one particular group when it applies on such a larger scale.

  4. Chris on said:

    Why does the “writer” leave out so much pertinent information? Political correctness or what? Here’s what’s missing: “At 11 p.m. Wednesday, sheriff’s police and FBI agents gained consent to search the home from an attorney, …” “Within an hour, investigators discovered the toddler’s body. Authorities would not give the exact location, but a source said the body was found under a couch in the home. The couch did not have legs and was flush to the ground, the source said.” “DCFS had been working with the family since September……” “Hoffmeyer said DCFS had visited the family 16 times in the last year.” “The child’s father, James Crosby, was in Will County court Thursday on an unrelated theft charge from 2016. The 25-year-old Romeoville man was in custody at the time of his daughter’s death……” “Ashley Thompson, a Joliet woman who identified herself as a cousin of the child’s mother, said Semaj could “barely walk,” having just learned.”

  5. This beautiful child is dead, and most of what I see on this thread is comparisons of which race of women commits the worst murder of their children. Heartless and black hearted.

    Rest In Peace Little One. Rest easy.

  6. Dr. Larry on said:

    Here we go again with the white people do it too, so it’s ok excuse. No a single one of you hair hats expressed any surprise or sympathy for this defenseless child or the abhorrent conditions under which she suffered. Which simply tells me that this has become common behavior in your mind, and you aren’t surprised at all.

  7. Too bad Larry somebody did not take you away….far, far away. Susan Smith lied when she killed her two sons by drowning them in a lake and she accused, oh a black man; Casey Anthony killed her daughter to, oh go party and Andre Yates was just a crazed white woman……….Don’t spew asinine rhetoric – – evil exists among all ethnicity of people. Just look at your evil a@@!!!!!!

  8. specialt757 on said:

    Let’s not forget about Elizabeth Thomas’ mother, the teenager who ran off with her 50 y.o. teacher. Her mom should definitely get mom of the year award NOT!!!!
    Ummm what color is she Mr. Hairhat?

    On May 12, Kimberly Thomas, 48, will appear in a Tennessee courthouse for a review of her upcoming criminal trial, court officials confirm.
    Thomas was indicted on four counts of misdemeanor child abuse and neglect and one felony count of abuse for a child under the age of eight, the documents state. She allegedly abused five of her 10 children, including Elizabeth.
    Records show the alleged abuse began in November 2014 and went on for about a year. In late 2015, Thomas and her husband Anthony separated, and he took sole custody of the children.

  9. RENO2AC on said:

    DCFS is a joke. If the conditions were deplorable, why did they not remove the children? DCFS workers have been known to lie about visiting families.

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      …and back women have been known to lie about, well, everything. Who da fock let’s a 16 month infant pay outside unattended? Black women, that’s who. The most violent, disrespectful, beasts on the face of this, or any other planet.

      • RENO2AC on said:

        Who kills their child, then goes out partying for days at a time…a sorry a$$ white girl. Who has a baby in the bathroom, then smothers the baby? Ummm, a white girl. Who has a baby in her dorm room, then throws the baby in the trash? Let’s see…a white girl.

  10. Dr. Larry on said:

    You can tell the “mother” is lying, “ummm, ummm, umm”. Black women are absolutely the worst stewards of life on the freaking face of this planet. Lock the hair hatted hooligan up

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