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It seems like the man who brought you ‘Bump and Grind’ just can’t stay out of trouble when it comes to his alleged sex life. A Mississippi man claims that R. Kelly has been having an affair with his wife and is suing him under the state’s alienation of affection law. reports:

Kenny Bryant, who works as a deputy with the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department, filed the lawsuit against Kelly on April 21 in circuit court.

In the lawsuit, Bryant claims that his wife, Asia Childress, had a romantic relationship with Kelly prior to their July 15, 2012 wedding but told him that it had ended. Bryant said the relationship with Kelly rekindled when his wife attended a Kelly concert in October 2012.

Sometime afterward, Bryant said his wife convinced him to move to Atlanta to further her career. Bryant said he quit his job and moved, but believes her underlying motive was to continue her affair with Kelly, according to the lawsuit.

Bryant was unable to find “profitable employment” in Atlanta, which resulting in financial ruin for him, the lawsuit said.

“Each time R. Kelly would have a concert in a nearby state, Childress would disappear to unite with her lover,” the lawsuit said. “Time after time, R. Kelly cuckolded Bryant, with blatant disregard for Bryant’s and Childress’ vows.”

Bryant said in the lawsuit that he tried to keep his marriage together, but “could not prevail against R. Kelly’s continued sexual overtures to Childress.”

Childress has filed for divorce, which according the lawsuit, was so that she could continue her relationship with Kelly.

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