On Thursday, Tiny spilled all the tea on The Wendy Williams Show by opening up about her marriage with T.I.

“We just cannot keep it together,” said the Xscape singer of filing for divorce four months ago. “I guess, entertainment, life, everything…it’s just a lot. They call him a sex symbol, I guess.”

The singer and songwriter also said that being on VH1’s T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle played a role in the demise of her and the rapper’s relationship.

“[That] did put a little strain on it. Because it keeps people in your business.”

She also made it clear that Instagram model Bernice Burgos had nothing to do with her impending divorce when Williams implied that her estranged husband and Burgos were living together.

“He’s not even with her, first of all.” Tiny said. “She had nothing to do with whatever was going on with us before. We were already going through whatever we were going through. She came in the picture after I filed for divorce.”

But she explained her beef with Burgos: “The only problem I had with her was…somebody made a comment about her on my page. I said what I said. She replied. That’s cool, but then you come back with another video speaking about my marriage. That’s a no no. And then come back with the final video singing my song, and I’m feeling like, ‘OK, now you keep coming.’”

Tiny also confronted Tip about the nonsense:  “I stepped to him like, ‘Don’t she know her place. She’s supposed to be quiet.’ Every woman that’s not the one knows that you’re supposed to be quiet.”


Later on, she gushed about her daughter Zonnique: 

The two also went backstage to talk about their Fab Five:


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Tiny Admits Her Marriage Is Over On ‘Wendy Williams’ was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

13 thoughts on “Tiny Admits Her Marriage Is Over On ‘Wendy Williams’

  1. Diane on said:

    @dumbass fake drlarry. What is that shit sitting on top of your stupid looking incompetent, incoherent prez head? Huh? Answer that dumbass!!!!!!!!

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      That’s his real hair. Look at pictures from any recent decade…same hair. Can you buy weave with your WIC card Diane?

  2. Dr. Larry on said:

    That’s not even her hair. For the life of me, I will never figure out black women’s’ infatuation with wearing Europeans hair on their head. It’s actually quite sad that they despise their natural looks so much.

    • Really on said:

      Some black women wear weave some white women do to some white women despise their looks to go get there lips enlarged get butt implants tan their skin. Some black women embrace the kinky hair and live it. Stop with the stupid sweeping comments about blacks. It’s really ignorant. There are some that fit into your stereotypical view but certainly not all. I can tell by your post that you are like talking to a brick wall. You think what you think is crushing us. Not

  3. Zonnique is Beautiful, but the hair is not my style, to each her/his own right.. Really hate their marriage is over. I like that crazy family with all those kids..

  4. Really on said:

    Sadly the institution of marriage is been under seize for along time and is only getting worse. There are a lot of obstacles ion the way. Don’t know the answers sad though. Timys daughter was cuter before the eye lightening. Somethings are better left alone.

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