Ronnie and Shamari Devoe have been married for over 11 years but it hasn’t always been easy.

The New Edition/BBD legend and the former Blaque singer talked with Jacque Reid about how they overcame their marital issues through marriage counseling.

Ronnie explained, “Sometimes you really just don’t have the skills that are necessary to figure out how to navigate the challenges.”

Listen to the revealing interview below.

The couple is expecting their first child in Fall 2017.


The “Married 4 Life Walk” is happening on April 29, 2017 in Marietta, Georgia. Find more information here.

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(Photo credit: Instagram)

9 thoughts on “Ronnie and Shamari Devoe Reveal Counseling Saved Their Marriage

  1. Minyonne straughter on said:

    I’m so glad that Ronnie and Shamari Devoe saved their marriage…they were very young when then got together and then married…but they are setting a great example by staying together…how old are the twins …

  2. Minyonne straughter on said:

    How many kids do the Devoe couple has now ..I heard the fall of 2017 they were expecting a child…but I recently googled them and they were expecting do they have 3kids or 1 or how many do they have …I’m so happy to hear they went for counseling…congrad..I’m proud of Ronnie for hanging in …I’m so happy for the Devoe couple.

  3. Mia.P on said:

    So glad to see Black Love still alive continue Success and Blessing And so happy you all are going to make great parents.

  4. I admire Ronnie DeVoe even more than before because of his commitment to save his marriage. Marriage is a covenant, and not a contract. Real men keep their commitments, and unfortunately, most men today are not REAL men…

  5. specialt757 on said:

    “Sometimes you really just don’t have the skills that are necessary to figure out how to navigate the challenges.” So true and people don’t take the time to get the help they need, they just get a divorce, the easy way out.

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