TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Police in Florida are investigating an incident at a nightclub where a photographer said he was “sucker punched” by singer Chris Brown.

Tampa police spokesman Stephen Hegarty says 28-year-old Bennie Vines Jr. was hired by Aja Channelside to take photos during an event hosted by Brown.

Vines told officers that while he was snapping photos early Monday, Brown punched him. Brown was gone by the time officers arrived. Vines refused medical treatment and told officers he wants to prosecute because of a minor lip cut.

The club confirmed the incident on its Facebook page Monday and apologized to patrons.

Brown, singer of the hit “Five More Hours” and the recent track “Privacy,” completed probation in a 2009 felony assault case for an attack on singer Rihanna, his then-girlfriend.

An email to the representative listed on Brown’s website was not immediately returned.

PHOTO: PR Photos

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6 thoughts on “Chris Brown Investigated In Club Fight

  1. specialt757 on said:

    I agree, wait for it.
    But I will say, CB has too many “yes” people around him. No one has the guts or heart to tell him “no” or they are scared they will be cut off, whatever the case, it’s going to be a sad day when CB is found alone somewhere crying out for help and no one is around to help him, and then…he’s gone.
    SN: I watched a documentary on Prince the other day, and someone said all he had around him were “yes” people, no one loved him enough to tell him “no”. They found that his cause of death was from a drug 15 times more potent than morphine and the labels on the med bottles were mislabeled and with the wrong dosage. Someone didn’t tell him “no”.

  2. Every time something happens and Chris Brown’s name comes up, they mention Rhianna. That was what, 10 years ago? Give it a rest. I think people just target him because of his fame and they want a quick payday. Chris needs to get rid of those tag along “friends”. Like that girl who claimed he pulled a gun on her turned out to be a lie, this guy is trying to get paid.

    Dr Larry needs to be blocked. He always has something negative to say about every thing and every body.

  3. punkin on said:

    They need to leave Chris alone, and he needs to extricate himself from some of the people he hangs out with, someone is always looking for a quick buck and he is an easy mark.

  4. I will wait on the facts. People rush to judgment when that girl made a claims and we see how that turned out. Chris maybe still dealing with anger issues but people also target him so I will wait and see. Too many people depend on “rush to judgment”.

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