The recent trailer for final season of T.I. and Tameka “Tiny” Harris reality show The Family Hustle foreshadows trouble in the couple’s paradise. It’s clear from the video that the two are living in separate homes which reflects the reality their upcoming divorce .

In a recent interview with XXL Mag, the rapper shares with the hip hop publication what fans can expect this season on the VH1 show.

“The thing about the show is that every season the kids are in a different phase of life, which allows the viewers to see us adjust to that new phase of life for this particular kid. I think this year it’s about the addition to the family, Heiress. It’s about seeing Major in a big brother roll, you know what I’m saying? Major is not the baby anymore and he’s adamant about establishing himself as the next big brother-in-charge and I think that’s an interesting dynamic,”  he says.

T.I. also addresses his marriage:

“And of course, you know, there’s the pretty little elephant in the room [laughs], you know what I’m saying? You get to observe a little bit of that but don’t expect nothing outrageously, overtly inappropriate. Anything I do, or we do, we do it with class, you know what I’m saying? So this shall be no different.”

The rapper and actor also opened up about he feels about the show ending: “Well, I believe it’s time to wrap up the show because I think there’s nothing else to show. I think the majority of the family is ready for their next phase in life and this something that we all appreciate and we value and we cherish it, but you know it’s time to move on.”

SOURCE: Youtube; XXL 

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