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CINCINNATI (AP) — A man who allegedly opened fire in a crowded Cincinnati nightclub has pleaded not guilty to two murder charges and three dozen other charges.

A Hamilton County judge on Monday ordered 27-year-old Cornell Beckley to remain held on $1.7 million bond. He was initially arrested by police on a murder charge in the March 26 gun battle, and a grand jury last week added charges including involuntary manslaughter, inducing panic, and felonious assault.

Beckley’s attorney has blamed the charges against him on public outcry and politics.

A pretrial hearing was set for April 21, with a tentative trial date of May 30.

Authorities say a dispute apparently between groups from two Cincinnati neighborhoods escalated into violence while some 200 people were in the Cameo club. Two died, 15 others were injured.

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(Photo Source: AP)


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10 thoughts on “Man Charged In Ohio Nightclub Shooting Pleads Not Guilty

  1. Mia.P on said:

    We have to do better Black America stop killing each other. I work at a hospital in Cincinnati Ohio and last week with all them people dying we save life everyday Black people donated their organs and guess who received them White people so see they can not live with out use so we better stand up grow up and stop killing each other because they won’t save use we have to save our selves. Black Lives Matter let act like it.

    • specialt757 on said:

      “Black people donated their organs and guess who received them White people…” wow that was eye-opening. I never gave that a second thought, but you are right, while I don’t care who gets my organs when I die, it’s sad to know that we are dying at such a rapid pace and white folks are benefit greatly in this way. STAY WOKE!

  2. The other ethnic races are laughing at us black folks the way we kill one another. Wake up black America and to be honest our race are so quick to be combative with one another . So damn huffy when you pretty much can’t have a decent meeting or family reunion with us.edpecially at a damn funeral

  3. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    How about we send these idiots to fight terrorism see how tough they are then when they are faced with REAL danger. Bunch of cowards, same goes for all these wanna be gang members see how long they last then idiots. Shoot into a crowd of people ……brainless idiots! Black Lives Matter? Care to speak up here?………………Didnt think so!

  4. specialt757 on said:

    Unfortunately, this young 27 y.o. man didn’t see value in himself or people who looked just like him. Now two people (three if you include him) have lost their lives because he thought so low of himself. I beg you, each one teach one, every one of us has something to offer. Some of us are turning out so great and others are just turned-out and that’s unfortunate for our society. How sad.

    • Arthur Childress on said:

      @ specialt “Some of us are turning out so great and others are just…turned out” Profound and well stated. You certainly win the Internet today with that comment! What’s so disturbing is that…the “self-hate is so deep-seeded.

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