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CHICAGO (AP) — Two people have died in a drive-by shooting in the same Chicago neighborhood where separate shootings several hours earlier left five people dead, including a pregnant woman, police said Friday.

The latest shooting happened late Thursday when a vehicle pulled alongside a van in the city’s South Shore neighborhood. A man and woman were shot, police said, and the van crashed into a pole.

“You lose count of the shootings after a while,” Kyra Carr, who lives a few blocks away and said she heard the gunfire, told the Chicago Sun-Times. “But seven bodies in a day. Crazy. Something is wrong.”

On Thursday afternoon, four people were fatally shot in or near a restaurant after a man approached and opened fire. Two men were found dead from bullet wounds inside the restaurant. A third person was found unresponsive outside the restaurant.

A fourth man who sustained gunshot wounds was found unresponsive a block away. All the victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said on Twitter late Thursday that the shooting was likely a gang-related retaliation for “another incident” and detectives are making “good progress.”

The Cook County medical examiner’s office identified three of the victims as brothers Raheem and Dillon Jackson, ages 19 and 20 respectively, and 28-year-old Emmanuel Stokes. The identity of the fourth victim was withheld pending notification of family.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the Jacksons’ grandmother, Georgia Jackson, 72, said the two had gone to the restaurant to get food and to see their mother, who works there. She said their mother called her about the shooting.

“She only said one at first but when I got here they said they found the other,” Georgia Jackson said.

Earlier, about a mile from the restaurant, the body of 26-year-old Patrice L. Calvin was discovered in a home. The medical examiner’s office says Calvin, who was four months pregnant, suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

No arrests have been reported by police.

Chicago police said Thursday that four people were killed within four hours and a pregnant woman was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head during a spree of violent attacks, reports the Chicago Tribune.

From Chicago Tribune:

The five [the four people killed and pregnant woman found dead] were among at least nine people shot in attacks across the city starting Thursday morning, according to police.

The four men or boys were fatally shot about 3:50 p.m. at Nadia Fish and Chicken, 2704 E. 75th St., police said. A male attacker approached the restaurant and fired shots, wounding two men or boys who died inside, a third who was found nearby outside and a fourth who was found in a backyard in the 7500 block of South Coles Avenue, according to police. It was not immediately clear how many of the victims were inside or outside the restaurant at the time of the shooting.

…The woman was found dead just after noon about a mile away. The body of 26-year-old Patrice L. Calvin was discovered in a home in the 7500 block of South Luella Avenue in the South Shore neighborhood, authorities said.

The Chicago fire department said three people were also fatally shot at 75th Street and South Coles Avenue Thursday, reports NBC Chicago.

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(Photo Source: AP)


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29 thoughts on “2 More Dead in Chicago Neighborhood Where Shootings Killed 5

  1. Maricica S on said:

    It seems that when ppl have little regard..in other words this they were sent a strong delusion that they may believe a lie.. also given over to a reprobate mind. It must really suck being a negro in Chicago. Here I thought being a native American or moldovan was bad but it’s not bad most just get a job is all. Drugs and alcohol always rule when you have no job no money. These ppl in Chicago should stick together and go far instead of shooting each other.

  2. Arthur Childress on said:

    @ kates1221 Your reading comprehension skills are seriously defective! When did I state that “mutual agreement” with me or anyone else on this web site was “required” What are you even talking about? But, while we’re on the subject, what exactly are you disagreeing with me on? I need to know so that going forward, I’ll know how to respond to you or whether to respond at all.

    • Arthur Childress on said:

      @ kates1221 Because if we disagree on the subject of a Federally instituted Stop & Frisk Law then, we really don’t have damn thing to talk about. Stop & frisk is nothing more than Apartheid American style!

    • I don’t think you would be in such a lather if the “2 or 3” white folk agreed with everything you say. I don’t think that only 2 or 3 “white folk” comment on this site. And lastly not all of what they say is racist, regurgitated bullshit. I may not agree with all that’s being said, but that doesn’t mean it has no merit. Judging a person by what they say is no way to determine what race they may be. Just because they have the same opinions that you have does not mean that they are not one of the 2 or 3 “white folk” that post on this web site. Just sayin”.

      • Arthur Childress on said:

        Racist, Regurgitated Bull-Shit! I said it and I’ll keep on saying it! You disagree, don’t read my comments!

  3. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    No gun law is going to stop this! No stop and frisk is going to stop this. Parenting is the cure for this and community awareness to point out the very people that are committing crimes. The African American community is contradictory in many ways. People will not report crimes until it happens to them and then plead to the same people to speak up but they will not. This mentality is part of the problem. Secondly parenting and the mindset of these people that are doing this, and no excuses of poverty and no jobs these idiots can change their own destiny. We cant expect the police to be in any rush to fix anything if these idiots are willing to kill each other why not save the bullets! Being politically correct is over with situation!

  4. Chris on said:

    Arthur, I bring the truth and facts that you can’t handle. Don’t be afraid to step outside the plantation gates.
    You talk about FOX a lot, you must be a loyal viewer.

  5. Arthur Childress on said:

    Funny how white folks and some Black folks always come with the Stop & Frisk crap when it’s Blacks Shooting Blacks! At the height of the Chicago crime wave, when that city was known as Gangster’s Paradise and white men were shooting white men, Stop and Frisk was not an option. They had dead bodies in the street, in the alleys on the porch stumps…all over the place. Hell.. they even had movies made about it. But, the white boys were not about to stand still for Stop & Frisk. Oh they introduced a lot of new crime fighting ideas, but, stop & frisk was not one of them.

  6. Like I said “ain’t nothing going to change in Chicago with this black on Black crime” they need to change the gun laws and have a stop and frisk law enacted. And don’t hand me that crap that they will stop and frisk the young black brothers. Yes that’s who they need to frisk the young black brother because they’re the one whose doing the killing. Black people wake the hell up. Oh yes this is a black person who wrote this. You all I Chicago and Memphis have lost y’all mind.

    • Arthur Childress on said:

      You might be willing to subjugate your freedom to a Bull-S**t Racist Stop & Frisk law but I’m not. And if you think stop and frisk would actually stop the shootings, you’re delusional. If the Chicago ku klux kops really wanted to do something they would. But they don’t give a damn about Blacks shooting Blacks. That’s why last year when a white precinct captain was over-heard to say “The more they kill each other, the more bullets we save” nothing was said to him! So you can take that Stop & Frisk B.S. back over to the white nationalist website that you came from.

      • Don’t get angry when the truth is being said. I bet when one of these hoods do something devastating to one of your family members you’ll change that tone in your voice.

    • Oh yeah just saw on tv whereas young teen(14) sexually assaulted a young teen and broadcast it on Facebook live. Guess who probably was watching and didn’t report it to the police? Yeah you right Negroes. Chicago is sick

      • Arthur Childress on said:

        @ C I can’t imagine any set of circumstances or conditions that would cause me to ever support a de-humanizing, racist, stop & frisk law! I hope you and Black folk like you come to realize one day that we are not ‘Less Than” and the 4th Amendment is applicable to everyone. Good-day to you Sir.

  7. Black America-forget the fools that come here just to vent about their stupid lives and how blacks this and blacks that. What we [AFRICAN AMERICANS] should be doing is writing our Congressmen to enter legislation that would [SUSPEND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS] of those who would BE THE CANCER that is turning our community into absolute HELL. Now this is the
    funny thing. There will be those in our community who will question this solution. LOL why?
    Who cares about these fools that are so weak they only want to sell drugs, steal,murder.

    Why should we [law abiding] citizens care WHAT THE POLICE do to these fools. And the sad
    thing about this is – these fool’s parents KNOW what their animal kids are doing. Willing to take the money in a heart-beat. And when it goes bad – the parents are crying like babies – calling the dead crazy to get up from the casket. PLEASE! It’s obvious there is a plan to let this go on and on in the black community. If this sit hit the white community all hell would break out to stop it IMMEDIATELY.
    The day will come when MONEY will come into the neighborhood and you can BELIEVE THIS-the fools and idiots that been holding court-know matter how hard they think they are-will be REMOVED-I seen it happen for these people that want to open businesses. TRUST ME!
    Actually it’s one of the best things that can happen to a community. Education is the key!
    It has ALWAYS been this way and it will ALWAYS be. People should start grabbing their children by the ears and make them get their education-regardless of what the child wants.

    Who am I? One who grew up in a house where I only had my mother and grandmother. And wound up being the first to go to college. Refuse to skip school. These events in Chicago WILL STOP!

  8. Really on said:

    Aa some idiot who is white said you won’t hear from blacks about this subject which a black news site that he frequents to keep up with what the blacks are doing obsessed with it actually. Well as a black person I feels all the violence crime in th community is like a horrible disease spreading that can effect anyone. It needs a cure. It will need to start in home first and with churches law working together it is ridiculous how many killing that go on in the black community . It does not make since to only become inraged at officer involved shooting her and there and not become inraged and disturbed at our young black men killing wash other daily. That why white have no problem doing it to us they figure that do it to themselves everyday. If we don’t respect ourselves who will.

  9. How do you know what we are doing in our community. Your hearing about it on a black web site. White media will not report it. That’s why we have our own web site. Why are you visiting it anyway

    • Arthur Childress on said:

      @ kates 1221 No whites allowed??? Fine! The 2 or 3 white folk that frequent this web site don’t bring a damn thing to the conversation anyway! Just racist, regurgitated bull-s**t that they picked up over at fox. Btw…might that include you??

      • Nope. Not white. But, after all these years, I’m completely over the no blacks/no whites allowed mindset. I don’t care whether it’s for (public) websites, store windows, lunch counters drinking fountains, or outhouse doors. It all stinks just the same. Another thing I don’t understand is, how did this get to be your own website, and you ain’t paid one one damn dime to get it up and running? Everybody is visiting for the same reason you do. To post comments. Agreeing with you is not a requirement. “Our own website”. Seriously?

  10. Chris on said:

    Clarissa, if you are going to copy and paste, copy and paste some details. This is from the NY Post:
    A mother watched on Thursday as a man approached the Chicago south side restaurant where she works and opened fire, killing her two sons and two other men in a shooting that police described as gang-related retaliation, media reported.

    A lone gunman opened fire just before 4 p.m. local time at the Nadia Fish and Chicken restaurant in the South Shore neighborhood, killing Dillon and Raheem Jackson, who were found outside the establishment when police and rescue workers arrived, the Chicago Tribune reported.
    No arrests have been made in the shooting, police said.

    The shooting was believed to be gang-related retaliation “from another incident,” a NBC affiliate reported, citing police spokesman Anthony Guglelimi.

    The men were among the nine people shot on the city’s south side on Thursday, including a pregnant woman who was found dead earlier in the afternoon in her apartment about a mile from the restaurant, the Tribune reported.

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