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Given his violent and overall controversial history, it was no surprise that many fans of the hit ABC family comedy Black-ish were very upset by Chris Brown’s recent appearance on the show and they quickly voiced their displeasure on social media during Wednesday night’s episode.

According to the Washington Post, “many Black-ish fans, [felt] Brown’s legal issues seem at odds with the thoughtful social commentary often seen on the show. Some pledged to skip the episode before it aired, while others urged the sitcom to address domestic violence issues [in a future episode to counteract Brown’s appearance.]”

Other articles, like this one, didn’t want Brown on the show at all for any reason and others, like TV Guide  thought the episode was ill-conceived.

ICYMI, Brown played a rapper named Rich Youngsta who was brought in as spokesman for an ad campaign for champagne that Dre (Anthony Anderson) was working on. His role was very small (less than 10 minutes on-screen,) but several fans were still upset that he was guest-starring on the show at all.




The Washington Post detailed how Brown got the role:

ABC declined to comment on Brown’s appearance ahead of Wednesday’s episode. But Anderson, who is also an executive producer on “Black-ish,” shed some light on how Brown landed the role in a recent interview with Gold Derby. The actor explained that Brown had approached creator Kenya Barris at a restaurant to tell him that he was a fan of the show and would love to guest star.

Did you watch last night’s episode of Black-ish guest-starring Chris Brown? If so, were you upset by his appearance?


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