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Congressional Black Caucus leaders and President Donald Trump met Wednesday for a policy discussion. This first meeting between Trump and the Black lawmakers came several weeks after he awkwardly asked a Black reporter at a press conference to set up the meeting.

“There were many areas where we disagreed with the policy solutions, but it was a meeting where both sides listened and where we were candid about disagreements,” Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.), the caucus chair, said at a press conference after the meeting.

Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.) said they raised “several areas of concern” with the president, including his description of Black communities as “completely lawless,” proposed cuts to domestic programs that will harm low-income people, troubling positions on law enforcement and mass incarceration, and the “rolling back” of voting rights,  ABC News reported.

Nevertheless, Bass said the meeting was a “positive first start,” according to the outlet.

Richmond said the two sides aligned on some policy issues, such as the need for safety in urban communities, and Trump appeared interested in meeting with them more consistently.

After the meeting, the CBC released a 130-page policy document, titled “We Have a Lot to Lose: Solutions to Advance Black Families in the 21st Century,” in which the caucus presents its policy solutions.

It answers the question Trump posed in his attempt to win Black votes: “What the hell do you have to lose?”

The caucus leaders may have learned a lesson from the Historically Black Colleges and University presidents’ meeting with Trump.

The Washington Post noted that the caucus leaders tried to avoid becoming a public relations photo-op for the Trump administration. They reportedly sat on the opposite side of the table from Trump, away from the cameras, when he gave his speech about the contributions of African-Americans to the nation.

SOURCE:  ABC News, Washington Post

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14 thoughts on “Trump Met With The CBC: Here’s What Happened

  1. I got news for you black or white if you think politicians black or white are going to help you when some of you want help your self you’re crazy. What country have you lived in all your life wake up.

  2. What have democrats done for the inner cities?? Ever?? The high crime areas are in black cities run by democrats. Affordable healthcare is helping only poor people and immigrants. Working Amaerican are playing over $800 monthly. How is that affordable? Please tell me what have the any politicians republicans and democrats have done for anyone other than the wealthy?? We NEED TO GET AWAY FROM THIS TWO PARTY COUNTRY.

  3. FallMornings on said:

    Well, what do Blacks want the Pres to do that they have not done in past years? We, need to take action. Get involved in our neighborhoods and schools. We sit and Bytch but do nothing. To paraphrase your Messiah Obama, “Run for Office and Make a Change”.

  4. I’ve just about had it with all of you naysayers and complainers! At least the CBC is making an effort. what the hell are any of you doing to help the African American Communities….all it takes is just one step in doing something….but you all would rather complain and point fingers than getting out there and being a foot soldier! Jhuff, Peter Johnson, Mrknowitall and Diane – I’M TALKING TO YOU!! Which by the way, Jhuff and Peter Johnson – really, you aren’t even African American – why the FREAK are you on this site??!!! Go spew your BS somewhere else! PBAMFS!!!

    • The trumpster will lot lift a fingernail to help the blk community. He’s too busy helping the Russian. I wouldn’t believe anything that come from his mouth.

    • First of all I am black, second what the f$ck are these “Black community’s” doing to improve themselves, when Jim Brown and other black personality’s meet with Trump to discuss issues they are ridiculed by those who supposedly have AA community’s at heart
      I’ve been successful in life because my parents taught me to be self-reliant and not expect or put myself in a position to have to depend on the Government don’t make poor choices in life there are more affluent black people in this Country than any place

  5. Mia.P on said:

    No trump is the biggest pink face pig their is and he is not doing anything for Black Americans and they better wake the fuck up and if your poor white trash he don’t care about you all either but you all will see if your not rich he don’t care about you.

  6. Annette Crossley on said:

    We cannot sit and watch as spectators while our institutions are being destroyed. We must learn to look at our leadership and tell them where they are going wrong. Leaders at all levels should obey the rule of law rather than being intoxicated with power.

      • What have republithugs done for the inner cities??Ever ?? They’re trying to take away all the essential healthcare from ppl, Mostly they’re own constituents. Plz tell me what have the republithugs politicians done for anyone other than the wealthy?? I am self reliant. I don’t live in “the hood” as ppl like to call it I have never recieved a govt handout. I agree the blk community should do more to help ourselves, but what’s wrong with the govt giving a hand up? Not always a hand out

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