A Pennsylvania politician is catching deserved heat for saying that children from Philadelphia’s “inner city” public schools would do better in vocational careers rather than college because they are dropping out anyway. He says they would succeed in a less rigorous track.

Last month, Senate Education Committee chairman John Eichelberger reportedly said during a town hall meeting that he blames failing urban school systems for minority students dropping out of college.

We’re “pushing [students] toward college, and they’re dropping out. They fall back and don’t succeed, whereas if there was a less intensive track, they would.”

Yet, according to the Carlisle Sentinel, Eichelberger also said state funding was being “misspent” on such students and that they should instead be encouraged to pursue vocational programs.

Basically the pol put onus on the students to pay for the failure of public schools, setting them up for a life that does not include higher education.

Democratic Sen. Vincent Hughes of Philadelphia said Eichelberger should be removed from the committee chairmanship, according to the Pittsburgh Courier.

Let’s be clear, this issue about the stereotyping of Black and Brown children needing less-intensive tracks to succeed has been around for generations, maybe even centuries,” he added.

Eichelberger, who is a Republican, responded by saying he was the “victim” of a fake news story.

Well, I have finally been the victim of a fake news story,” the statement reads. “The Carlisle Sentinel did a convoluted and incomplete story about my town hall meeting last week, the Democrats decided to spin it even further, and other liberal media outlets followed along.”

He added, Hughes “is calling me a racist because I spoke about the failing schools in Philadelphia, located in minority neighborhoods, not preparing their students for college. He’s trying to say that since the kids are Black, that I think they’re not capable of learning. Wrong. I see the potential of these children and want to see them succeed.”


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10 thoughts on “PA Politician Says Poor Black Kids From Philly Shouldn’t Go To College

  1. Barry Boone on said:

    I’ll bet he the ancestor of white folk that kill other people for just teaching black people how to read not surprise by this it’s never ending so the children are responsible for the system failure WOW!

  2. Really on said:

    We should know by now they don’t care we need to care about ourselves and our children and communities we can do it we need to go back to the days when we United to take care of our own. We can do it.

  3. americanize on said:

    Nothing a white devil can do or say shocks me.I,m not surprised they let us know every single day they don,t give a fu*k about black people that’s why WE have to empower ourselves white devils are not going to do it,quit begging we need to educate our own children.

    • Really on said:

      Amen they never wanted us to be educated anyway. That was a big part of keeping us oppresses. They claimed we weren’t human but they where afraid to let us have a pen and paper. The devil is a lie.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    LOL! You just got to laugh even when it’s not funny haha.
    So instead of improving the PA failing school systems where all children get the best primary education, he says in a nutshell, black and brown kids are two stupid for college or not prepared for college. And he wonders why. The kids don’t fail the system; the system failed the kids. Oh this is coming from a republican so what can we expect. Don’t fix the problem by providing resources, the solution, “go to trade school”, problem solved! That’s why I could never be a republican.

    • Typical republithug. They don’t give a shit about anybody but the rich. It’s pathetic. This is why ppl are disillusioned about voting. Politicians are a damn joke. And the republithugs damn sure don’t want to supply healthcare for anyone.

      • They don’t want the poor to have a good eduction or good medical care. They’re just going through the motions.

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