Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wis., uses charts and graphs to make his case for the GOP’s long-awaited plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, March 9, 2017. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

WASHINGTON (AP) — Fourteen million Americans would lose coverage next year under House Republican legislation remaking the nation’s health care system, and that number would balloon to 24 million by 2026, Congress’ budget analysts projected Monday. Their report deals a stiff blow to a GOP drive already under fire from both parties and large segments of the medical industry.

The Congressional Budget Office report undercuts a central argument President Donald Trump and Republicans have cited for swiftly rolling back the 2010 health care overhaul: that the insurance markets created under that statute are “a disaster” and about to implode. The congressional experts said the market for individual policies “would probably be stable in most areas under either current law or the (GOP) legislation.”

The report also flies in the face of Trump’s talk of “insurance for everybody,” which he stated in January. He has since embraced a less expansive goal — to “increase access” — advanced by House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republicans.

Health secretary Tom Price told reporters at the White House the report was “simply wrong” and he disagreed “strenuously,” saying it omitted the impact of additional GOP legislation and regulatory changes the Trump administration plans.

In a signal of trouble, Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., leader of a large group of House conservatives, said the report “does little to alleviate” concerns about the bill including tax credits considered too costly.

The budget office’s estimates provide a detailed, credible appraisal of the Republican effort to unravel former President Barack Obama’s 2010 overhaul. The office has a four-decade history of even-handedness and is currently headed by an appointee recommended by Price when he was a congressman. Trump has repeatedly attacked the agency’s credibility, citing its significant underestimate of the number of people who would buy insurance on state and federal exchanges under “Obamacare.”

On the plus side for Republicans, the budget office said the GOP measure would reduce federal deficits by $337 billion over the coming decade. That’s largely because it would cut the federal-state Medicaid program for low-income Americans and eliminate subsidies that Obama’s law provides to millions of people who buy coverage.

The report also said that while the legislation would push premiums upward before 2020 by an average of 15 to 20 percent compared to current law, premiums would move lower after that. By 2026, average premiums for individuals would be 10 percent lower than under Obama’s statute, it said.

The GOP bill would obliterate the tax penalties Obama’s law imposes on people who don’t buy coverage, and it would eliminate the federal subsidies reflecting people’s income and premium costs for millions. It would instead provide tax credits based largely on recipients’ ages, let insurers charge more for older people and boost premiums for those who let coverage lapse.

It would phase out Obama’s expansion of Medicaid to 11 million additional low earners, cap federal spending for the entire program, repeal taxes the statute imposes and halt federal payments to Planned Parenthood for a year.

Administration officials took strong issue with the budget office’s projections of lost coverage.

“We believe that our plan will cover more individuals and at a lower cost and give them the choices that they want,” Price said.

Ryan, R-Wis., said the GOP legislation “is not about forcing people to buy expensive, one-size-fits-all coverage. It is about giving people more choices and better access to a plan they want and can afford.” In fact, he said on Fox News Channel that the CBO report “exceeded my expectations.”

Not in a good way, Democrats said. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York said the projections show “just how empty the president’s promises, that everyone will be covered and costs will go down, have been.”

“I hope they would pull the bill. It’s really the only decent thing to do,” said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California.

The American Medical Association, which has opposed the Republican bill because it would reduce coverage, said the report shows the legislation would cause “unacceptable consequences.”

Two House committees approved the legislation last week, and Ryan wants to bring it to the full House next week. Though many Republicans back the bill, conservatives say it doesn’t go far enough in repealing Obama’s law, while moderates whose states used the statute to expand Medicaid don’t want people losing coverage.

GOP leaders hope the Senate will consider the measure before breaking for an early April recess. Opposition from both ends of the Republican spectrum suggests senators might demand significant changes.

The budget office attributed projected increases in uninsured Americans to the GOP bill’s elimination of tax penalties for people who don’t buy insurance, reduced federal subsidies for many people who buy policies and the Medicaid reductions.

By 2026, the office estimated, a total of 52 million people would lack insurance, including 28 million expected to lack coverage under Obama’s statute.

Though Republican tax credits would be less generous than Obama’s, the combination of those credits and other changes to lower premiums would attract enough healthy people to stabilize markets under the new plan, the report said.

The budget office sees federal spending on Medicaid declining by $880 billion over the coming decade — about 25 percent lower than current projections. That would push about 14 million low-income people off the program.

Average premiums are ultimately expected to fall, but that would vary for people of different ages because, contrary to Obama’s law, Republicans would let older people be charged more.

The report estimates that individuals’ out-of-pocket costs under the GOP bill “would tend to be higher than those anticipated under current law.” That runs counter to another claim from the president — that his health care plan would offer “much lower deductibles.”

CBO had predicted 23 million people would enroll in online marketplaces under Obama’s law but the actual number was 12 million, largely because it overestimated how the individual mandate would prompt them to buy coverage.


AP reporters Julie Pace, Ken Thomas, Erica Werner and Matthew Daly contributed to this report.



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19 thoughts on “Millions To Lose Healthcare If Obamacare Is Repealed

  1. Honestly on said:

    The rigidly stupid cave n!@@ers in the GOP will not be able to pass this so called health bill. The lie has been exposed. They should have never been let out of the Caves of Europe.

  2. Diane on said:

    So!!!! You make more you should pay more in taxes. When are these rich ppl going to start paying their employees a living wage?? Like $15/ hr?? How about that? Then more ppl can own a home and buy a new car.

  3. Diane on said:

    I mean the rich ppl will get a $200,000 tax credit. What about that idiot?? Why do rich ppl need new tax brks. They already avoid paying income tax. Ain’t that right Donald?

  4. specialt757 on said:

    These lawmakers have health insurance so it doesn’t matter whether the elderly or poor or anyone else suffers. That’s why it’s so easy to take this stance. Again if they would have worked for 6 years to fix the problems of the ACA, this bill wouldn’t be necessary. The republicans didn’t have one idea of how to get health care for ALL Americans and when Prez O did, it crushed their egos. “Wow a black educated man did something we could never do, I hate him. Let’s make sure he’s a one-term president, every thing he does we will be against.” Does that allegiance sound familiar Jose’?

    • Crushed their egos? The only thing it crushed was middle America, iy crushed people who liked their coverage, it crushed people who liked their doctors. The democrats concocted this failure of a law all by themselves behind closed doors, never asking once for input from the republicans. To make it worse, they never bothered to read it before signing it. Remember Obama campaigning, he said all laws would be made public for 5 days before he signed it, another lie. Remember when he said it would cost under a trillion dollars another lie. If it was so great, why didn’t he sign up for it?

  5. 20 million people are without health insurance under Obamacare despite the fact it REQUIERS you to have health insurance or be fined something that the Rep plan doesn’t do, also Obummer Care cost tax payers over 300 Billion last year, Obama
    Said “if you like your Doctor you can keep him” WRONG Obama said “If you like your health care plan you can keep it” WRONG Obama said “this will lower health ins. Cost”
    Absolute B#ll Sh!t lying ass WRONG , even the CBO was way off on it’s estimate of what Obama Care would cost and how many people would be covered so I guess now there right???

    • Diane on said:

      Under this shit you won’t have a your own doc. U will be going to ER. AND if your a senior you could pay 25% more. That doesn’t make sense. Senior citizens live on a fixed income. This shit won’t get passed in the senate. Republithugs can’t govern. The are pathetic.

  6. specialt757 on said:

    “Trump’s talk of “insurance for everybody,” which he stated in January. He has since embraced a less expansive goal — to “increase access”
    This orange fool is such a liar and so incompetent. How could people vote for him, too bad people couldn’t see past “he’s going to give me a job” and not the bigger picture? He cares nothing for the American people, don’t y’all get it?

    • The only reason the republicans are talking about healthcare is bc prez Obama got it done. They hate the fact that he got it done. Regardless of all the jibberish the republicans sprew, they were made he accomplished something they couldn’t accomplish. The bottom line is, republicans could care less how many ppl lose their healthcare, or if they have it at all. They can have their healthcare, so what if the poor doesn’t. They are a bunch of deplorables.

      • specialt757 on said:

        And they keep using these catch phrases like “Obamacare is a disaster” or like above, “Obamacare is in a death spiral” to drill it into the heads of the dummies who voted trump in, but they are being bamboozled and their HATE won’t let them see it. Shame on the “republithugs”, they have health care so they don’t care if the American people do or not. This is so irresponsible of them.

    • How about the trumpster doesn’t want his name on it. Well going forward, it’s going to be called “trump care” rather he wants to own it or not. He’s so narcissistic. He’ll only claim it if it passes. I don’t think it will pass the senate.

      • Right Diane, I hope it doesn’t pass, if they have any brains at all, it won’t pass. But I will be calling it TRUMPdoesn’tCARE if it does, so will those millions who will lose coverage.

  7. Larry, Jose’, Chris? SPEAK ON IT?
    The redumblicans care NOTHING for the American people. Instead of tweeking or fixing the problems with ACA, they want to repeal only because it was implemented by a black man. You dummies had 6 six years to do something about it, but chose to do nothing but complain. You should really be ashamed of your party. I could never be a member of a party made up of racist idiots and rich dummies.

    • Rich Dummies??? OK how does a stupid person become rich? And if so
      Shouldn’t there be lot more millionaires in this country? And considering the low test scores in Democratic inner cities AA’s in those areas would be flush with cash as well

  8. The Truth on said:

    People need to wake up ..They hired the company that been during the numbers for years with no complaints that’s why the Republicans hired him. The company is TrustWorthy comes back with the numbers explaining to them its NOT A GOOD PLAN. They get mad and Now the company has No idea what they are talking about and they did not figure this and that so they MAD AND UPSET. They say the want us to have options but what they are NOT telling is everyone can’t afford the options so where so that leave you..Sick and Unhealthy.. If you get Medicaid and you have a job ..they don’t Care if you are getting five dollars and hour…They are taking away your Medicaid. They are saying if you work buy your own insuance. Elderly in Nursing homes will not be able to remain their and get covered. The poor will suffer and The Middle Class was all be STRUGGLING…THEIR PLAN ONLY BENEFITS THE RICH….SOME NASTY …….UNBELIEVABLE. AND VERY SAD

  9. Oh well. The same fools who voted for this clown in Cheif will lose their healthcare. I’m done talking about it. They’re about to get what they asked for, repeal and replace. Now they’re going to be whining about the replacement. Most ppl will be paying about $6000 more a year, with no fed subsidy. Whatever!! The ppl who voted for that man have been bamboozled, and hoodwinked.

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