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Cosmopolitan magazine is receiving a ton of criticism for an article that basically listed White women as the most beautiful women in the world. The article, which has since been taken down, was based on a supposed “scientific” study that collected data via face shapes.

The resulting top ten most beautiful women list included people like Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, and Scarlett Johansson, while Black women were nowhere to be found. You can read the list below.

1. Amber Heard: 91.85 percent

2. Kim Kardashian: 91.39 percent

3. Kate Moss: 91.06 percent

4. Emily Ratajkowski: 90.8 percent

5. Kendall Jenner: 90.18 percent

6. Helen Mirren: 89.93 percent

7. Scarlett Johansson: 89.82 percent

8. Selena Gomez: 89.57 percent

9. Marilyn Monroe: 89.41 percent

10. Jennifer Lawrence: 89.24 percent

Social media was quick to drag Cosmopolitan.

Such lists should serve as warning to how we determine data as fact. One could imagine that most of the people tested, questioned, or used for study where of the Eurocentric persuasion. Some people have even pointed out that some women on the list are known for appropriating their aesthetic from Black people.

Cosmopolitan has had robust articles about race and has featured a number of brilliant Black writers. Such a shame that they believed posting this list would be a good idea.

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25 thoughts on “Black Women Left Off Cosmo List Of The Most Beautiful Women In The World

  1. evilpony on said:

    I don’t know what Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner are doing on that list. Anyway, this is the problem with mixed race societies and why homogeneity will always be more desirable. The majority of people in America are white, hence Northern European white is the standard of beauty here that is considered superior. It is only natural. In a black African nation, black women would be getting all the votes. In India, India would be getting the vote. Lists like these in America should either be avoided entirely or they should be separated into racial categories, one list for white Americans, one for black Americans, one for Hispanic Americans and one for Asian/Oriental Americans.

  2. Black women are the standard of beauty in most African countries, people. Stop whining and complaining that black women aren’t the standard everywhere because neither are white women or any other type of women.

  3. Amber on said:

    So what. That magazine does not dictate what is beautiful in women of color. Stop expecting it. We know the deal and we know we are beautiful.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    Is this the Oscars all over again? Cosmo is a white magazine, I would expect them to have a top list of who they think are beautiful AND all being white women. The same way I would expect Ebony, Essence, and JET to have a top 10 beautiful women list with only black women on it. I wouldn’t or have never spent $.10 on Cosmo.
    What happened to us? Why do we want/need their approval so much, please somebody help me with this.

  5. americanize on said:

    Who gives a fu*k,what do u expect its a white magazine quite trying to be accepted by the white devils.Black women u are the queens of the earth.

  6. Mac Ben on said:

    How many white women were the Jet Beauty of The Month? Much ado about nothing…

    Black folk stay thirsty for what the white man has. Stop that.

    • KingLouie on said:

      It is my belief that Mac Ben is misunderstood and in his own twisted way, he doesn’t really care for white people and feels as though black people need to learn how to accept and control their own destinies in this asinine world. We look for the acceptance of whites, “if the white man says it, then it is so”, partially because they hold all the power cards, even in 2017. He thinks that blacks are still living on plantations with the same slave mentalities. He sees the injustices against blacks but also feel that blacks cause their own problems and could do better to live better and have a prosperous life. He would never tell you this himself because he’s a man of few words, but his words seem to sting the frail and fragile egos of some blacks. I also don’t think his words are not meant to destroy us or even to degrade us (not all anyway), but just to help us see past the trees and into the forest. Hate him or love him, he is who he is, after reading many of his posts, he has never wavered. This is in no way my attempt to psycho-analyze him, but his comments make me think this way about him and I could be wrong. JMO

    • Amber on said:

      I can not believe I am agreeing with mac. So true. I do not look for a “white magazine” to show our beauty regardless if they do or not.

    • Really on said:

      Yes jet magazine was founded to represent black beauty among other things due to the fact we have been traditionally been excluded. Born from necessity . No comparison there.

  7. truthbtold on said:

    With the majority of black women wanting to look like men, they have lost respect. The look is just hideous and don’t look normal. Stop the madness!

    • Straightnochaser on said:

      Yeah, you should really talk to your mama about that. I’m sure that Billy Dee Williams look is bad for her social life,

    • hoodtechie on said:

      So true, especially in New York, Atlanta and Chicago. I mean they look like straight up freaks. Nothing feminine about them at all.what man wants to lay next to these freaks is beyond me.some try to even walk and have the demeanor of a man,not!

      • Amber on said:

        Then you are looking in the wrong places. Where are plenty of beautiful black women in those cities, you are just focusing on certain types.

  8. White privilege. Who gives a damn. I don’t need a magazine telling me who’s the most beautiful women in the world. I feel I look better than all of the ones listed.

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