A report in Life & Style suggests trouble in “ANTM” land.

Executive producer and former host Tyra Banks handed ringmaster duties to Rita Ora for the just-wrapped 23rd cycle on VH1. But according to the outlet, the former supermodel has been less than impressed with Ora’s command of the show:

Via Life & Style:

A source told Life & Style that though Tyra initially said last year that Rita is the “perfect” host for the popular series, the 26-year-old was not as ready for the position as Tyra anticipated.

“There was hope that Rita would revive ANTM’s ratings” for the 23rd season, “but after a promising start, the numbers dwindled.”

And when Tyra, who remains as the executive producer, found out about the reason behind the sliding rating could be partially Rita’s fault, as she was “sometimes unprepared,” said an insider, Tyra “was furious.”

A VH1 rep told Life & Style that Rita is “a total pro” and they are “thrilled to have partnered with her.”

We’ll know if that’s really true if Ora is back as host, should “ANTM” be renewed for a Cycle 24.

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4 thoughts on “Tyra Banks Reportedly Not Happy With Rita Ora As ‘ANTM’ Host

  1. Clay Goodson on said:

    I stopped watching because whether the producers made things look a certain way or not, the judges and multiple contestants totally bullied courtney calling her a victim and a complainer. And just a pretty face. And the thing is if you victimize a person then that kind of makes them a victim. And coryanne and tatiana made it to the top 3. With India who deserved to win and stood up for Courtney multiple times. America’s next top model is supposed to be a role model as well and not a bully if you ask me. The twins and that young girl that had the thing going with the other girl on the show were also very unclassy at times. That’s a gang up. It should have been between India and Courtney with Tatiana in third place.

    • Clay Goodson on said:

      When I mentioned Tatiana and coryanne I forgot to put that they were both very rude to Courtney and India even talked about how the girls all mistreated her. Paige seemed like a really sweet girl and started off surprisingly strong. Poor benta seemed like she felt like a real fish out of water and I can’t totally blame her for being a real b sometimes.

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