Comedian Gerald Kelly is performing a Uptown Comedy Club in Atlanta this weekend, but before he takes the stage he talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the Black Moms Matter topic of the day, women raising boys to become men.

“No disrespect. But I don’t think a woman can raise a boy to become a man. My mother loved on me but she didn’t raise me to become a man. My mom told me what to accept and what not to. I learned how to treat a woman.”

Be sure to catch Gerald in Atlanta March 9th – 12th.

Click the link below to hear the entire interview.


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7 thoughts on “Gerald Kelly: ‘A Woman Can’t Raise A Boy To Become A Man’

  1. When these men can give me the definition of a MAN then I will listen to them. So if someone would define what a MAN is? Because if you were born a male, eventually you will become the dictionary’s definition of a MAN. So please please tell me what the stupid ass men who make these statements mean when they say a woman can’t raise a man?

  2. therealhousewifeofprincegeorgescounty on said:

    We know women have a hugely significant role in raising girls and boys. I think this gentleman is referring to some of the emotional concerns that girls have to reflect on through their mothers or some other well-meaning woman and boys have to reflect upon through a grown man. Life is not just washing dishes and having good manners. That’s the point that women focus on these outward demonstrations of life; but children have other mental and emotional concerns and they want to relate to their same-sex parent or role model to address. Girls do better also with their mothers if both parents are not available. Please ladies, men are needed in the lives of boys and the whole family. If you say women can do it all, the message seems to be that we don’t need our men and that is obviously not true. We need the men.

  3. Women can raise a boy to become a Man.

    If that mother teaches her son the difference between right and wrong, self-respect, how to respect others, manners, and most of all -HOW TO TREAT A WOMAN.

    Most of the women these days are NOT doing that. They are too busy coddling and babying their male children-which renders them USELESS as MEN.

    Mothers need to teach their sons to be INDEPENDENT —- work *(not pimping on females)–
    how to cook, clean, and do laundry so that if they do marry or have a significant other-
    their relationship is EQUAL.

    If the mother has ole school ways and was raised by decent parents-then YES it can be done.
    If the mother did not have decent parents or a decent upbringing-then NO!!!!!!!!!!

    Children do not come with an instruction booklet.
    Good parenting must be LEARNED!!!!!!!!

    • Deborah Smalls on said:

      Excuse me but a woman can raise a man, my mother raised, natured, taught and everything else that a boy needs to be a man to 4 males and they ALL turned out to be great fathers, as well as husbands and professional MEN!! They have continued to raise their families along with their wives (first and only for 20 plus years each. OUR family could not be more grateful that she had a guiding hand in GOD as well as her mother who successful raised 6 boys to become successful men as well. Nothing is Impossible when you put the LORD first!!!!!

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