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“Being white isn’t really a question of color. It’s a whole mental outlook. Every white supremacist cause–no matter where or when–has had Blacks on its side. And they didn’t mind fighting for the enemy, either. Today, with so many whites turning Black, why can’t a few ‘darkies’ decide to be white?” — The Camp of the Saints.

Stephen Bannon, Chief White House strategist and the architect behind President Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban, enjoys referring to a little-known 1973 French novel about dark-skinned immigrants who eat feces and invade a white society.

The book, The Camp of the Saints, was written by French author Jean Raspail. The book cover explains the premise: “A chilling novel about the end of the white world.”

The novel focuses on Asians, Africans and Middle Eastern nationals who travel to Europe to create a race war and destroy the “white” Western civilization.

Immigrants take over the Paris government, trample white people in their path and abduct white women, forcing them into prostitution. Other immigrants of color riot in America: In New York City, Black residents from Harlem storm the mayor’s office and force him to adopt a Black family.

The Southern Poverty Law Center described the book as “a racist fantasy about an invasion of France and the white Western world by a fleet of starving, dark-skinned refugees.”

So now, with news of Bannon embracing an over-the-top racist novel, many people of color are legitimately concerned about Bannon’s agenda for a multicultural America.

Does Bannon believe that art will replicate life and people of color will soon run roughshod over America’s government? Is he afraid that allowing immigrants into our country will result in an all-out racial conflict? What is Bannon’s end game?

The Huffington Post, which broke the story about Bannon and The Camp of the Saints, lists several instances where Bannon mentions the book approvingly.

Consider this:

 “It’s been almost a Camp of the Saints-type invasion into Central and then Western and Northern Europe,” Bannon said in October 2015.

 “The whole thing in Europe is all about immigration. It’s a global issue today—this kind of global Camp of the Saints,” Bannon said in January 2016.

 “It’s not a migration,” Bannon said later that January. “It’s really an invasion. I call it the Camp of the Saints.”

“When we first started talking about this a year ago, we called it the Camp of the Saints. … I mean, this is Camp of the Saints, isn’t it?” Bannon said in April 2016.

The new revelation comes as President Trump signed an executive order this week preventing citizens of six Muslim countries from entering the United States. Citizens of Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia are now subject to a 90-day travel ban.

Meanwhile, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York didn’t mince words when describing Bannon.

“He’s a stone cold racist and a white supremacist sympathizer,” Jeffries told MSNBC last month.

Bannon, the former head of conservative website Breitbart News, has been criticized by African-Americans, Hispanics and Democrats who have accused Bannon of providing white supremacists with a platform for their racist rants.

“A burst of hate incidents and crimes reported in the days following Donald Trump’s election in November has eased, but hate activity remains above pre-election levels,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

A self-described “economic nationalist,” Bannon says he is not racist.

But others are not convinced.

“It is easy to see why the KKK views Trump as their champion when Trump appoints one of the foremost peddlers of White Supremacist themes and rhetoric as his top aide,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.”

I’ve never heard of The Camp of the Saints but if Bannon is reading it, then I’m paying attention – and you should, too.

What do you think?


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12 thoughts on “Racist Book At The Heart Of Steve Bannon’s Plan For America

  1. Ivan Cohen on said:

    While “many people of color are legitimately concerned about Bannon’s agenda for a multicultural America”, now is not the time to roll over or be a push over. Your Fathers, Mothers, Uncles, Aunts, Grandmothers and Grandfathers had to battle with the likes of a Steve Bannon. He just had another name and a different face. The fig leafs Bannon is providing to racists and white supremacists will shrivel up. Even President Donald Trump will throw him under the bus when he becomes a liability to his administration. And it will happen, just 3 months in power, they still got plenty of time to screw up.

  2. George on said:

    For the average white guy, wake up, you’re no better than the average black guy and trump doesn’t give a damn about you. Mlk tried to warn you long ago that it’s the haves versus the have nots !!

  3. yiveyohija on said:

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  4. Changed Name on said:

    Now THIS is the type of journalism that this site should do more of! Less of the tawdry, Mediatakeout-ish crap ya’ll been doing. Bring awareness and enlightenment. Not gossip and slander.

  5. Mia.P on said:

    Pig face Stephen Bannon and orange face trump is crazy they talk about people of color going against them look at Berkerly this weekend it was White people out there fighting each other so they should be worry because it’s not just people of color against them you have some of your own and we know why the ban because trump don’t want to get vote out of the White House after his 1 term only but guess what he will him and his coons and that porn star wife of his.

  6. Chump is surrounded by RACIST POS.

    Bannon’s book speaks to those folks who HATED Barack H. Obama and chose to cast their vote for Chump. They wish to take “their country back.”–BACKWARDS!!!!!!!!!

    We should all be frightened of these peoples ignorant mentality!!!!!!!!

  7. Black people we were all told about the truth so stop crying now the most honorable Elijah Mohammed the message to the black man. The white man is the devil period.

    • Here we go again, F**k Mouth Pee-Pee Johnson, the hateful pos he is, who feels threatened, You are the devil, you should have never been born, if you’re mother knew you would grow up to a POS, she should have opened her legs and used a clothes hanger, you get the picture Pee-Pee Johnson, you’re the parasite you low life POS.

  8. Charity Dell on said:

    It is very important to read the works of these “white supremacists/nationalists”, in order to know exactly HOW these people think; WHY they think the way they do; and WHAT these people INTEND to do to carry out their RACIST AGENDAS. Knowing that Bannon may be basing his
    POLICIES and STRATEGIC PROPOSALS upon the concepts of this book is vital, in order for
    us to COMBAT the pernicious effects of these racist, backward policies and their power, as carried out in LEGISLATION. You cannot craft a STRATEGY OF SURVIVAL if you do not know how your enemy thinks; you cannot anticipate the next battle if you are unaware that war has been declared upon you. The old proverb is true:


  9. Diane on said:

    Michelle’s Obama said we were going to see what being afraid felt like. She got flak from the trumpster for saying it. Ppl are afraid we may be headed for war. People are very afraid they are going to lose their healthcare. We have a white supremists in the ear of the “fake prez”. We are in very scary times with the hate crimes, increasing around this county. We have a bunch of incompetent nuts running this country. It starts at the top. He said Obama committed a felony by wiretapping his building. When will this nonsense end??

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